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Search results

  1. Update Update to 1.213 Feedback

    OK, I will have to accept your explanation regarding plunder. Still doesn't explain why it can no longer be motivated when it has happily been motivated every day until the update. Both in Rugnir and in Odhrovar. My Town Hall event log for Sunday 9.45pm (UK) in Rugnir shows a friend motivated my...
  2. Update Update to 1.213 Feedback

    And Knight of ICE - if you read the Wiki it states Pirate's Hideout can be plundered when not motivated. And since update I can't even motivate it with a self aid kit.
  3. Update Update to 1.213 Feedback

    Thank you Knight of ICE. But it used to be motivated and double my coins. I lost 967K.
  4. Cultural Settlement - Mughal Empire - Feedback

    I have abandoned Mughal Settlement after 3 days and will NEVER play it again - I can't build enough houses to make enough coins to manufacture any goods without buying loads of diamonds or sitting on the settlement for weeks and weeks. Worst settlement ever. Previously I tried and abandoned...
  5. Never enough Forge points...

    I don't support the 1.9 convention at all. Back when, after contributing about 50 FP FP to a player's GB they sent me an 'invoice' demanding 33 more FP to meet the 1.9 nonsense they adhere to. This is not a rule of the game. It is either greed-driven or risk limitation. 1.9 only benefits those...
  6. New Bug: Wildlife Event

    Try to solve by 'reload page'. or refresh - or whatever. There are so may glitches now in game that refresh page is almost mandatory after doing even one thing. Inno appear more interested in artwork than in functionality. Do they not realise that nobods spends money on a broken game? Time was...
  7. New Bug: my account got deleted

    Look in 'Not a Bug' section - archive. Someone asked same question and someone explained about delete after 3 months inactivity. I don't know how to quote etc so you have to find it yourself. Sorry.