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Search results

  1. Bretonas

    Update Update to 1.226 Feedback

    Unless you splash some big cash in order for you to get all expansions from the Castle System you will have to play at least 15 years (or there about) so yes, you will need A LOT of patience for those or just have a few thousand $$$ to make it quicker.
  2. Bretonas

    New Bug: The Tavern counter

    Not sure this is the same issue (or related) but when I collect my entire tavern silver. It stays on whatever counter it was. For example, if my tavern is full it will show 16/16. I go and collect it all. However, when leaving the tavern the counter will stay on 16/16 giving the impression my...
  3. Bretonas

    PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    Can I just ask, and apologies if that has mentioned before, but if someone moves up in eras is that person still grouped for the era he / she started this PvP round? So are they 'locked' in that era for the entire week or even worse month? (similar to moving up eras after GBG or GE starts) I...
  4. Bretonas

    PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    I'm outside the top 100 in the global ranking but my top opponent is top 30. Go figure... I hope it's not selected by player ID lol... :D I also find the fact that you can pay diamonds for a refresh an absolute joke, especially if it doesn't even change anything most the time. The system was...
  5. Bretonas

    Soccer Cup 2021 - Feedback

    I wouldn't bother with the middle or bottom opponents in the tournament. Just go for the top one and hope you'll win eventually. The odds seem to be equally bad but at least you get a better reward. I've lost so many 70%+ or even 80%+ matches that I stopped trying to 'manage' the tournament...
  6. Bretonas

    PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    My middle and top opponents have been stuck for several days now. It's always the same 2 player. The 3rd one only changes if I actually hit refresh and even then I had it that nothing happens. This is meant to be somewhat random right? Not fighting the same players for several days or more. Or...
  7. Bretonas

    PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    I now had the same player 24 times in a row. I'm out of attempts but I can see he / she is up again so that's at least 25 times. It's the first 'proper' season and it's a real player, not some NPC. Even using the refresh button once didn't help. While this might be 'ok' for me since I'm winning...
  8. Bretonas

    Update 1.201 Feedback

    The UBQs exist in every era apart apart from SAAB (and SAV). But they instead have a RQ to defeat a large army which is exploited even worse (just look at the daily fight counter of some players on Fel Dranghyr).
  9. Bretonas

    Update 1.201 Feedback

    Surely that's daily limit and that's fine. Unless you have no actual life or a bot running it for you no average player will get there on a daily basis. If it's stopping the ridiculous numbers of 5k or 10k fights a day by aborting the SAAB RQs after defeating the army I'm ok with that.
  10. Bretonas

    Update to 1.200 - Feedback

    Especially 2nd and 3rd point are frustrating. We used to be able to click on the event log to bring us to the affected sector on the map. Now clicking the event log does... nothing? And if I'm not mistaken remembering the last position after re-entering a GvG was an improvement many updates ago...