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Search results

  1. SlytherinAttack

    200% diamonds purchase available for every event or yearly once?

    Would like to know the time interval for 200% diamonds purchase offer appearing in the game. Is it available at each event time or randomly once a year. Not able to get any conclusion on it. Need to know, how long to be waited for that specific diamonds purchase offer.
  2. SlytherinAttack

    GvG troops guild option for mobile players?

    Myself got the information like mobile players not possible to do anything on GvG. But being part of guild, did not find any other way to add troops on the respective age from my side. Actually not allowing to play GvG in mobile is fine but not allowing any way to add troops in GvG is not good...
  3. SlytherinAttack

    Do we have any shout-outs from community sprint feedback happened on March 2021?

    Would like to know if we have any good feedback taken into consideration on the gameplay. After that feedback thread ended, didn't find any information regarding it. Clearly it is not my job to question it, but very much eager to know which good idea got into the game play. pure curiosity...
  4. SlytherinAttack

    Forwarded: Remove the warning dialog for adding more than 8 units on the army management window in mobile.

    Proposal: Kindly requesting to not display the warning dialog in mobile while trying to add more than 8 units in the army management window like PC. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Yes...
  5. SlytherinAttack

    Forwarded: Enable tooltip to show market trade expires time in mobile same as PC

    Proposal: To give the tooltip for market trade expire information on mobile. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Yes, not seen similar results from my search (sorry if it has already)...
  6. SlytherinAttack

    Market trade expire tooltip not displaying in mobile

    In mobile, not able to see the trade expires tooltip which is displayed in PC while hover on any actual merchant trade from the market. Is this intentionally not added to the mobile or my android mobile having problem no clue. can someone guide me to enable the market trade expires tooltip for...
  7. SlytherinAttack

    How to identify a zero attrition sector in GBG?

    Would like to know about finding the zero attrition sectors in GBG. Is it only guild leader/admin does or common to all. Having no idea about it. Can someone help me understand in detail.
  8. SlytherinAttack

    Friends tavern overriding

    Friends tavern is not user friendly. Each time kicking me out from tavern screen to city view by selecting any one of the boost/item listed on it. Have to open second time to see if choice is correctly done or to spend 50 diamonds for one more item selection. Also, no use of checking correctly...
  9. SlytherinAttack

    Guild expedition attrition overview

    Would like to see the attrition boost multiplier displaying for GE. Have already suggested the same in community sprint feedback place. Opening discussion to know if it can benefit the players or not.