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Search results

  1. suethegreat

    Way to collapse icons on right in laptop mode?

    Is there a way to collapse the icons on the right on a laptop? Incidents are increasingly being hidden in this area under the icons. Cant see a suggestion for this.
  2. suethegreat

    St Patricks event start?

    Is it correct that the next event starts on a Friday? usually Thursday. Also how long do completed auctions say after completion? until you collect or is there a time limit? cheers
  3. suethegreat

    Motivation priorities

    I have noticed my fairground builds, helter skelter etc very often miss the motivation aid process with productions being aided in preference to this build set even. Is it a case that multi part builds fall under the radar when auto aid is handed out? or just bad luck? Personally not a fan of...
  4. suethegreat

    New Bug: Ferris Wheel graphics issue?

    In one of my cities my ferris wheel lvl9 stopped appearing blue and stopped moving and became a gold colour. Told to delete cookies and cache no different. Also noticed another players wheel was the same and when they viewed they saw gold too so not my browser. In a totally different world...
  5. suethegreat

    Do Not Suggest: Store GB's

    apologies cant see this suggested, maybe it has. Can it be made possible to store a GB? reason.....when doing events space is needed to build things and often a large space. Given you cant store parts of a connected build nor some buildings you require output for event there may be a GB you...
  6. suethegreat

    New Bug: Pirate Event upgrade reward not showing and freezes

    The Pirate hideout upgrade prior to coins freezes and upon reloading game progress is reinstated and upon checking the upgrade is in inventory. This has happened in 2 cities.
  7. suethegreat

    New Bug: Tavern status not showing occupancy not updating

    Apologies if reported but tied to check everything! Boosts on taverns are not showing over building and the number of sitters is not updating. Need to enter tavern to see what is happening.
  8. suethegreat

    FOE Birthday 2021?

    Will there be any goodies to celebrate the 9th birthday? As a newbie last year the birthday bonus was a great help so crossing fingers :)
  9. suethegreat

    Unformatted: message box for gb contribution norms

    Dont kill me but i did search for this before posting and didnt find anything.... With lots of new players getting to grips with the game the subject of contributing to gb's can be tricky. A lot of angst and miffed messaging could be avoided if there was a message box added to players profiles...
  10. suethegreat

    incomplete builds

    Given the frequency of events probably a lot of players are accumulating several incomplete builds in inventory missing a level or more. Are these trash? do we wait for AD to produce missing levels or will the event next year/time have the same compatible builds? eg incomplete bakeries that...
  11. suethegreat

    Above age quests glitch or intentional frustration?

    For months i have had a story quest only satisfied by aging up. I finally decide to grasp the challenge and in less than 24 hrs of doing so had 1 quest for the next age and luckily an alternative within my own but then another requiring aging up again........ Is this simply bad luck or...
  12. suethegreat

    Neighbourhood change?

    Am I losing the plot was the neighbourhood changed last weekend and again this? or have i lost a week?
  13. suethegreat

    Antiques Dealer auction starts

    Weirdly whatever time i check the item for auction in the dealer the time left is invariably 1 hr 55 (ish) minutes left rarely seeing 15 mins left whatever and i am not checking at the same time each day just coincidence? talking for months here...
  14. suethegreat

    Temple of Relics

    Do the relic rewards improve at higher levels or is it still Gates of Sun God and Faces of Ancients but just more of them? (GE1-GE3) Luckily it keeps the AD fed but good rewards do come but are rare and surely there are other low level prizes we could be given? loathed to keep feeding fps in...
  15. suethegreat

    Game running when offline

    I have a dippy internet connection as rural and often get frustrated reorganising a city to discover my work wasted as it hasn't 'taken' as offline. I get a clue if collections dont show or productions wont set and obviously fights or negs hang but can still happily continue making city...
  16. suethegreat

    Most useful building? and most worthless?

    Given other discussions about the worth or not of wells and fountains of youth what are players most useful buildings to aid play and those that seem a waste of space and time? standard buildings, special buildings and gb's and why? This would be of a typical build not something levelled to the...
  17. suethegreat

    Do Not Suggest: Age appropriate challenges

    Apologies if already discussed but in the game we are encouraged from various angles to progress on the continent map either by obtaining goods resources, story line challenges, event and daily challenges and to gain precious expansions when other avenues are closed. New players can race though...
  18. suethegreat

    Self Aid Kits

    Is it just me but I am getting masses of these things in 3 worlds and with active aiding friends and hoods rarely need them.... is it my magnet or anyone else amassing these? also dont want to see a butcher again anytime soon unless they come complete with an expansion square. Now production...
  19. suethegreat

    Daily quests getting longer?

    Has anyone else experienced an incredible long list of hoops to jump through recently to complete the daily quest? Even more frustrating when the 'prize' is an item that can regularly be picked up in incidents or elsewhere with very little effort. Sometimes both choices are uninspiring yet with...
  20. suethegreat

    May Madness offers

    Offers today seems easy to get over excited. Medals seemed a good deal but are 50 FP's worth 995 diamonds? ?? doubt it?