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Search results

  1. Overlord 1

    welcome back

    welcome back
  2. Overlord 1

    Communication or lack there of!

    No At least reply back to show that you are there and not a bot ,
  3. Overlord 1

    10th Anniversary questions and non feedback comments.

    Just a little over 7 years playing
  4. Overlord 1

    10th Anniversary questions and non feedback comments.

    Will be a interesting Event , to play
  5. Overlord 1

    Lost Founder!!

    Correct my 1st Guide the founder left and after 30 days one was appointed
  6. Overlord 1

    General conversation

  7. Overlord 1

    Closed September Fall Contest

    6 chocolate 14 cinnamon 19 apples 9 caramel 16 pumpkins
  8. Overlord 1

    Closed August Pirate Contest

    Two Toe Scarlet
  9. Overlord 1


  10. Overlord 1

    what world are you on

    what world are you on
  11. Overlord 1

    Plundering – The Roll of Honour

    I plunder when I have to plunder but I dont all the time
  12. Overlord 1

    Mobile Chat Feedback

    Honest I havent used it yet , dont use mobile much on playing the game.
  13. Overlord 1

    Update to 1.189 Feedback

    Thank you
  14. Overlord 1

    Halloween 2020 Feedback

    Cant wait one of my Favorite events of the year
  15. Overlord 1

    How many Gummy Bears?!

    1555 Gummie Bears
  16. Overlord 1

    Soccer Contest

    115 soccer balls
  17. Overlord 1

    suspicion of bots using

  18. Overlord 1

    Starting on Sinerania

    Hopefully one day it will be , there was a lot that spend real money got diamonds and jump way ahead of everyone
  19. Overlord 1

    Fixed: Newsletter reward

    have tried several times and they will be a no