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Search results

  1. In-game achievements

    just believe me
  2. In-game achievements

    I got 12 winner plaza with 4k energy drinks, got 4 in a row
  3. Do Not Suggest: [Idea] Seeds

    Pretty good idea, but how big would it be?
  4. [GAME] Three Words Story

    in the face
  5. Soccer Cup 2021 - Feedback

    Athelon Abbey is no use for most players though I think it might be good for PVP arena. Maybe that's it's purpose, to help in PVP Arena
  6. Event Hub Feedback

    That's good at least
  7. Event Hub Feedback

    So for most people the boost ain't helpful
  8. roads

    Just press on the construction menu and press on roads and place wherever you want.
  9. Event Hub Feedback

    Wow, I'm impressed, instead of having a milestone bonus, we get a 150% supply boost, yay.(I don't even have supply buildings)
  10. New Bug: Reconstruction Mode Broken

    I reported the same bug a few weeks ago and I still can't save my city
  11. Do Not Suggest: New building for PvP arena

    Yeah, this is a great idea! You don't really gain much currently in PVP Arena, all you do is lose troops so I think that a small prize like in Settlements would be good
  12. Unformatted: Battle Point Bonuses

    But most players autobattle so it will discourage some players. And it doesn't matter to big players 5% or something like that, they get like millions of points anyways
  13. New Bug: Can't access PVP

    Can you show a screenchot
  14. [GAME] Three Words Story

    so good that
  15. Really upset a my neighbour!

    He probably got many from sniping
  16. Event Hub Feedback

    So first of all it takes up a spot in the questline spot, that is already bad. Then, the boosts are so useless, no one needs supply boost
  17. [GAME] Three Words Story

    and that farted
  18. Insufficient privileges

    It just means you're not a moderator, no one except mods can post on announcements
  19. PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    So boring, but it's about the image and not the interest
  20. PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    It isn't balanced as let's say your in HMA and your against a Colonial Age, in Colonial Age you can have many higher era troops so I might end up fighting Indy