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Search results

  1. LastWarrior

    PvP defenders % changed

    I was impressed that the rewards % went up when we went to SAJM, now today they have gone down, why?
  2. LastWarrior

    New Content Feedback for Space Age Jupiter Moon (SAJM)

    At least in GE you will get new era prizes :D
  3. LastWarrior

    Event Forge 10th Anniversary Feedback

    you can get all the upgrades without spending.
  4. LastWarrior

    Update Update to 1.227 Feedback

    Fixed now on comp
  5. LastWarrior

    Update Update to 1.226 Feedback

    Patience will be rewarded over time, I believe you will get 6 diamond expansions straight away when Sajm opens
  6. LastWarrior

    Update Update to 1.226 Feedback

    Ah nice more room at last, I cannot wait for the new era well dun all
  7. LastWarrior

    More guild levels needed

    At least tell us what is being considered?
  8. LastWarrior

    The Castle system.

    I agree with that even though it will be a year or two before I get there lol
  9. LastWarrior

    Event Hub Discontinuation - Feedback

    its very pretty though
  10. LastWarrior

    Event Hub Discontinuation - Feedback

    Its pretty and I like anything pretty, apart from that hmmmm.
  11. LastWarrior

    PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    Because at least we can set defense, atm it is not worth even attempting to fight anything but the bots.
  12. LastWarrior

    PVP Arena Returns Feedback

    take out the bots and let us fight each other, simples.
  13. LastWarrior

    Battlegrounds negotiations diamond rigged or just bad luck ??????

    it seems to be fixed a little but I guess we are all just unlucky lol.
  14. LastWarrior

    Jolie VS Festive - Winter EVENT

    Jolie for me
  15. LastWarrior

    Update Update to 1.217 Feedback

    yes the above would be good to implement.
  16. LastWarrior

    New Bug: GbG Timers gone back to 8 days

    nope it should finish before that.
  17. LastWarrior

    New Bug: GbG Timers gone back to 8 days

    Seems the clock change has messed it up. are we carrying on with the extended version or not?
  18. LastWarrior

    Castle System - Feedback

    thx Em
  19. LastWarrior

    Castle System - Feedback

    Any castle points with this harvest farm ugrade on offer?