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Search results

  1. - Ellie -

    New Bug: I've been aided but don't have the building!

    As you can see, Steve has motivated my Gingerbread bakery.... This is a problem because I don't have one! As such am I missing polivation from items I do have?!!
  2. - Ellie -

    How long to wait for guild member to return? (inactivity)

    What are peoples thoughts on inactive guild members, we have one of the most loyal players you could wish for but he's recently been in hospital to have an operation, he was quite ill beforehand too though in pm's was feeling better, the last contact was 8 days ago where he was seeing the...
  3. - Ellie -

    New Bug: My Tavern and Antiques dealer showing on all other users

    Is this a bug please? when looking at another players city, usually you can see if they're active by their Tavern being full but everywhere I go today i'm seeing my tavern and antiques dealer countdown.
  4. - Ellie -

    Non existent Shard in Settlement

    A friend has the Flying Island Gb and keep sbeing notified of a shard in the settlement but is still unable to locate it, has anyone else had this issue?
  5. - Ellie -

    GVG Doesn't always load the attack button since the update.

    A few of us have noticed that since this update and when in Gvg, you can load your troops but are unable to click on fight / attack, it just does nothing, you then have to refresh your game, return to Gvg to find the chat window has decided not to open, so then return to your city, wait for it...
  6. - Ellie -

    Page zooming in after production chosen

    I can't take a screenshot because the issue won't stay still, when entering a production building and then chooing an option, the entire menu scrolls across the page of the open box and then everytime i exit production option the screen goes to full zoom, i'm not the only one having this problem...
  7. - Ellie -

    Himeji castle level 75 not giving anything!

    Hi, a friend of mine has Hc @ 75 and he is complaining about not getting any rewards off it, so much so that he is contemplating deleting it, i couldn't imagine doing the same with mine albeit at a lower level is till get great rewards every day, has anyone else had this issue or could it be a bug?
  8. - Ellie -

    In ME yet still getting side quests for Colonial?

    Excuse if i'm missing something, in my city on East Nagach, i keep getting side quests from Colonial or industrial, the current one is called 'Caught off guard' and asks to recruit 4 units from Colonial or 3 units from Industrial, if i do one more tech I shall be in PME.. I have searched the...
  9. - Ellie -

    Will not fix Session Expirey

    Twice this morning I have been writing a pm and both times session expired which is flippin annoying to say the least because of being unable to copy and paste it all when the pop up comes up, this is using FF and html5... please investigate- oh, and cache, cookies cleared last night etc etc etc.
  10. - Ellie -

    Finding out how long you have played for

    Hi, yes it may be a newbie question but as far as i'm aware, you can hover over FOE club in profile in Town Hall and it should pop up how many days and such, however, this is not working for me on FF or Chrome or IE, any ideas please.
  11. - Ellie -

    Truce tower

    Ok, so this update from Dynamic to Truce tower, anybody knows why it is being changed and for what purpose?
  12. - Ellie -

    Forwarded: Sector info from BG appears when returning to city, unable to open anything

    I am still getting this glitch where when you come out of BG and try and either click on any BG or even go into Egypt and click or collect there, you cannot,just a pop up of the sector information shows as if you are still over on BG's. Look at these. Yes, cleared cache multiple times, Cc...
  13. - Ellie -

    Please can someone link me to optimal cherry garden configurations

    As per the title, i searched the web and they take me to places like flickr and you have to sign up blah blah blah..pff, Please could somoene link me to somewhere- where i do not need to sign up to view. Thank you so much in advance x
  14. - Ellie -

    Game just crashed, spinning wheel?! Anyone else?

    Is it just me, the game completely crashed and all i have is the spinning wheel or the blank log in section
  15. - Ellie -

    Altar garden upgrade.. any thoughts please

    In my inventory i have one Divine selection kit and as such can put down a level 1 Altar garden. Ok, now also in there i have a level 4 Altar garden and you know where this is going, can i place the level 1 down and add the level 4 to give me the fifth upgrade / Artemis etc.
  16. - Ellie -

    September cottage upgrade kits etc

    Hi, has this been spoken about before only I can't seem to find anything and was wondering if such things are going to be added to the Antiques dealer- by the way, Thanks for adding the eternal tree of love, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to get this, now i'd like a speakers...
  17. - Ellie -

    changed the screen when adding fp's

    Why has the screen changed when you are adding fp's? you used to be able to see what the investment is plus on top but it has been removed :/ it's getting more like ebay every day where they break everything that works :|
  18. - Ellie -

    Change colour facility

    I was wondering if we could have a change colour palette facility where we could change the colour of say- a locomotive, I was thinking, ideally, I would absolutely love a Pink engine as would look awesome imho, i know not to everyone else's taste but it would help us making our cities unique to...
  19. - Ellie -

    Winter train, advancement of train

    Not sure whether this is a bug or someone is pulling a fast one- excuse that pun, ok, my train is three spots away from the end of the platform, my box opens a 2 and advances, 1 spot left, the next box also opens a 2 but it only takes me the one space and is not added to the next journey...
  20. - Ellie -

    Statue of honour Guild power

    Hi, please excuse me being daft but when I collected the 300 guild power off the statue of honour yesterday, it did not show against the crowns on the guild level bar, should it or ? Like, what do i know? could someone please let me know x