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  1. Prinza the Hunter

    Font used on Linux?

    Does anyone know what is the font used by FoE, please? I see people posting with all kinds of emoticons/font graphics but many of these just show up as a grey box (unknown character) on my Linux system running Chrome browser.
  2. Prinza the Hunter

    Confirmed: Tavern status incorrect on Friends Bar

    On the Friends Bar, the icon and tooltip for Friends Taverns is sometimes incorrect. The icon is either a chair indicating the Tavern for that friend can be visited, or a timer indicating the Tavern for that friend can't be visited currently. Hovering over the timer icon gives one of the...
  3. Prinza the Hunter

    Negotiating in GBG

    I've just tried negotiating in GBG, where I normally always fight. I was surprised to find that even though I had bought the extra turn at the Tavern, and the timer displayed on the GBG screen, I didn't have the extra turn. Is this normal, or is this a bug?
  4. Prinza the Hunter

    Stop putting more bugs in and fix the ones we have!!

    I get fed up taking my time filling out bug reports that are ignored. The message formatting bug that was put in several versions ago and reported immediately STILL has not been fixed. Instead, we have had buttons change colours, as though that is more important! Now, the latest version has...
  5. Prinza the Hunter

    New look buildings menu

    It's going to take a little getting used to but I quite like it. The unit buildings menu is especially better.
  6. Prinza the Hunter

    Sell Forge Point Packages

    Proposal: Enable Forge Point Packages to be bought, always costing at least the amount of Forge Points of the package being bought. Reasons: All players get to a point where they are waiting to go up an age but have nothing specific to do with their FPs. Lower-level players, especially, need...
  7. Prinza the Hunter

    Fixed: Wiki : incorrect and confusing statements on Store Building

    There is no specific page on Store Building. Instead, it is covered on this page, in the FAQ: https://en.wiki.forgeofempires.com/index.php?title=FAQ#Can_I_store_buildings_in_the_inventory.3F This starts out with an incorrect statement, which is invalidated by the third sentence. Moreover, the...
  8. Prinza the Hunter

    Good changes (on app)

    (I don't know the appropriate thread to put this. If there is one, perhaps a moderator could move it for me?) The updated app we had a few days ago (for iOS) has some marked improvements and I want to make sure the dev team know they are appreciated. The way that contributing to GBs has been...
  9. Prinza the Hunter

    Forwarded: No update for app

    World: n/a Browser and Version: App on iOs, on iPad Pro. Overview of the bug: I have just had a message on screen telling me that the app is outdated and needs to be updated (presumably this is the new Quest Overview). The message had a button to take me to the app store. The app store is not...
  10. Prinza the Hunter

    Not a Bug: Big blue arrows on Fall Event are permanent

    World: Arvahall and Jaims but not beta. Browser and Version: App, latest, on iOs/iPad Overview of the bug: On the city screen, there is a big blue, mobile, arrow pointing at the Fall Event button. On the Fall Event window, there is a big blue, mobile, arrow pointing at the 75-apple basket. These...
  11. Prinza the Hunter

    Not a Bug: Dynamic Tower not giving correct goods

    World: Arvahall Browser and Version: App, latest version Overview of the bug: Ever since I first got a Dynamic Tower a couple of weeks ago, there have been occasions when I have aided someone but no goods at all were shown resulting from it, though aiding immediately before and after did...
  12. Prinza the Hunter

    Fixed: [43786] Market trade confirmation not showing what is on offer

    World: Arvahall, Jaims and on beta/Dunarsund App and Version: App latest (1.107.2 ?) Overview of the bug: When going to accept a trade on the market, the window that pops up does not show the trade that was offered but always shows a 1:1 ratio based on the quantity on offer. So, when seeing a...
  13. Prinza the Hunter

    Forwarded: [43792] Luau not correctly stating production

    Reproduction Steps: On an inactive Luau, press to bring up the menu of options Issue Description (10/10): For one day's effort, the Luau will apparently return nothing. This is a new bug, today probably. Image: vegetarian version? Player: Prinza the Hunter World: en1 Arvahall Operating...
  14. Prinza the Hunter

    Not a Bug: No Cancel on Caravanasary

    World: Arvahall Browser and Version: App, latest. Overview of the bug: After selecting a production time/option in the Caravanasary, there is no Cancel option. Given that every other building has this option, I presume this is a bug. There should also possibly be a button to spend diamonds to...
  15. Prinza the Hunter

    Army Management inoperative & attack impossible

    World: Arvahall, Jaims and on beta Browser and Version: App, latest Overview of the bug: Whether trying to attack in GE or PvP, or just entering Army Management from my city, the game will not keep unit changes. Nor will the game allow me to attack with units already allocated to the army...
  16. Prinza the Hunter

    Fixed: Wiki wrong on Elephant Fountain

    (Is this the place to post such errors?) The Wiki entry on the Elephant Fountain is incorrect. Apart from the misspelling of 'additionnaly', the statement that the Fountain will "produce coins, supplies, defense bonus and attack bonus" is false. The Fountain will produce coins boost, supplies...
  17. Prinza the Hunter

    Forwarded: [43520] Invalid notification on forge point pool

    I was just (c.22:25 BST) sent a system notification that my forge point pool is full. It actually has just 5 forge points. World: Arvahall Browser and Version: App, latest Overview of the bug: A system notice was sent about the forge point pool being full, but it isn't. Screenshots: How...
  18. Prinza the Hunter

    Fixed: [43519] Forge Point timer resets on collection, or any other excuse

    World: Arvahall and Jaims. Also on beta/Dunarsund. Browser and Version: App. 1.106 Overview of the bug: Note the timer on Forge Point collection. Now do one of the following: ◇ Collect supplies ◇ Collect coins ◇ Collect a unit ◇ Log out and log back in ◇ Collect Forge Points ◇ Collect...
  19. Prinza the Hunter

    Sport team neighbourhood challenge - based on a building

    Proposal: Create a sports 'building' that allows players to play their team against neighbourhood teams. I don't really care what the sport is: it isn't important to the proposal. I think it should be something which does not require a lot of ground - and therefore a big building [sorry...
  20. Prinza the Hunter

    Primary buildings in events should come from a pre-determined pool

    Proposal: With event buildings (e.g. Elephant Fountain and parts; Palace and parts) there should be a pre-defined pool of buildings from which a random selection is made to be made available at any one time. (For all I know this is how it works at the moment but the presence of items on the...