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Search results

  1. Overlord Dex

    Event Hub Discontinuation - Feedback

    It's a listed building, they need special permission to knock it down. May take a few more weeks.
  2. Overlord Dex

    Drummer or color guard

    I currently have about 20 of each all unattached having never bothered with the two building to recruit them. I've never found any real use for either unit.
  3. Overlord Dex

    Event Hub Discontinuation - Feedback

    Appears a pier it would appear everyone would rather see disappear!
  4. Overlord Dex

    Battlegrounds negotiations diamond rigged or just bad luck ??????

    Rolling a die gives you a 1 in 6 chance of getting any of the numbers on it. If you roll 2 dice there is still the 1 in 6 chance that any of those numbers will appear on the first die. The results don't change, it just depends on how you wish to interpret what you see.
  5. Overlord Dex

    Welcome to the FOE Cafe!

    Can I get a cup of tea and a sausage roll please?
  6. Overlord Dex

    Marry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, to you all, and to you all a goodnight!
  7. Overlord Dex

    Virtual Future map units

    It's all virtual, your not facing units from lower ages, you only think you are.
  8. Overlord Dex

    Unformatted: Real Mercenary (Military Units)

    I'll just send a couple of Attack Helicopter's back into the Middle Ages, that should really mess someone's day up!
  9. Overlord Dex

    Unformatted: GBG home base attackable

    Don't come up with ideas to 'fix' those parts that aren't actually 'broken'
  10. Overlord Dex

    200 % more diamond sale

    I new a guy years ago that had worked in a Diamond mine in South Africa.
  11. Overlord Dex

    Unformatted: A more full start in the stone age

    Keep going back to earlier developments in mans evolution through history and the first thing you need to learn in the game, is how to get down from the trees!
  12. Overlord Dex

    Unformatted: Market trade suggestions

    (Scratches head)
  13. Overlord Dex

    FP's for Goods Trades for CdM

    Which of the many worlds are you in?
  14. Overlord Dex

    Guild Battlegrounds Update 2021 - Feedback

    Just going to give it a shot and see what happens, before I decide if this new setup is good or bad.
  15. Overlord Dex

    Winter Event 2021 - Feedback

    Don't expect anything for nothing, or much at all without great effort. So just try your best, and be prepared to fail or take forever to finish something. But above all, try to have fun!
  16. Overlord Dex

    Argg! No more diamond expansions!

    You know it must be great to have so much money, that you need to complain about not having the chance to spend more of it! Some people are just so lucky. P.S. Can you lend us 50 until the end of the decade?
  17. Overlord Dex

    Event Halloween Event 2021 Feedback

    As always these events can be tough. I guess though it's difficult, possibly even impossible for them to create one thing that will suit everyone! That being said, I somehow managed to complete more tasks in this even than I've done in any other, and collected all the toys and their quests...
  18. Overlord Dex

    What happens if you "retreat" in battle?

    Strangely enough you loose the dead ones even if you win. May be it's got something to do with them being, mhm 'Dead'!
  19. Overlord Dex

    Help Leaving Guild of One

    Thank you for that help, although I should really have spotted that myself, by the looks of it!