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Search results

  1. Romalo5


    Guild 'AVE BELLUM' has established a Leadership Training Academy. The Academy is for any player who wants to join the Guild temporarily and become a 'Leader' for an agreed period of time. This will allow a player to try out the role of LEADER to see how it fits with their style of play. Help and...
  2. Romalo5

    QING DYNASTY Recruiting.

    Are you looking for a comfortable 'home' where you can play FoE your way whilst benefiting from being part of a Guild? Well, come and join us. You might even get a Chinese recipe or two!! 8-)8-)8-)
  3. Romalo5

    Lost Founder!!

    Our Founder has left the Guild without appointing another to take their place. What can we do? How can we appoint another Founder ... none of us have rights above LEADER!
  4. Romalo5

    Global Rankings Symbols

    When you look up the Global Rankings Table some of the players have 'symbols' to the right of their names ... up-arrows, shield, etc. Does anyone know what they mean?
  5. Romalo5

    Do Not Suggest: Buildings Swap within Guild

    Do you think it would be a good idea to build in a function to allow Guild Members to donate/exchange buildings (not GBs) to other members of their own Guild. It would allow 'experienced' players to give newer players a meaningful boost whilst also allowing them to get rid of surplus stock other...
  6. Romalo5


    Everyone in Guild "AVE BELLUM" in Dinegu wishes all players and guilds across the Universe a very Happy Christmas-tide. We agree with all our friends of other faiths that this is a time for everyone to be happy and grateful for life itself. We had a good week last week ... we won the GE and the...
  7. Romalo5


    We have had a good week - won the GE and won the GbG and were promoted from Bronze to Silver. Always looking for active Guild Members ... from absolute beginners upwards. Wishing all our 'pals' a very Happy Christmas-tide. :D:rolleyes:....:lol:
  8. Romalo5

    Emojis in Guild Name

    I'm sure there is a simple answer to this - how do you get to add emojis or a picture to your Guild Name?
  9. Romalo5

    Leaving a Guild

    If a player who has GB The Arc leaves a Guild what happens to the goods produced by the GB that would have gone to the Guild?
  10. Romalo5

    Croatian Lords

    I have left this Guild now. :D But don't let that stop you having a look ... it might be the Guild for you.
  11. Romalo5

    Ave Bellum

    We welcome players of any level who are going to be active - play once or twice per week. We continue to be successful in the weekly Guild Expeditions and now have 11 active Guild members. We don't have any rules for Guild Members and we still get over 90% participation in GE! Come in by and...
  12. Romalo5

    Date of Joining Guild

    I thought crossed my mind the other day when I accidentally left the door open and the wind blew it in! Would it be a good idea in the Guild Membership area to add the date when a player joined that Guild? It would give some valuable feedback to those who are looking around to find a Guild they...
  13. Romalo5

    Croatian Lords

    Gone to another Guild.
  14. Romalo5

    PvP scores keep cancelling out.

    Playing in Dinegu. When I win a fight against a neighbour (PvP) I get a score; then straight afterwards when I win another fight my score re-sets to zero!! It seems to happen virtually (but not quite) every time after having a score and then winning another fight!! I've just checked the Late...
  15. Romalo5

    Black Friday

    Does any one else think that Black Friday has just become commercialised 'hype'? Where are the really good deals that make your eyes pop out of their sockets ... where is the Rolls Royce for £1 ... where is the shed-load of diamonds for minimum outlay? I think that everyone should vote with...
  16. Romalo5

    Confirmed: 'Flag' appears every time on Daily Quest Icon.

    Every time I complete a PvP engagement, no matter what the outcome is, the "Exclamation mark" appears at the right hand side of the Daily Quest Icon on the left of the screen. This is regardless of whether I have contribted something to the quest or not.
  17. Romalo5

    Polishing Buildings

    When you press the AID button under a player's picture one of their buildings gets Polished. Is there an algorithm which decides which building will get polished or is it randomly chosen? If you go to the player's City then you can select which building you can polish but this, of course, takes...
  18. Romalo5

    The Arc

    When you are the proud owner of the GB The Arc and its is shovelling Goods into your Guild's Treasury every 24hrs, do your Points/Ranking benefit since you are paying in Goods from your present Era?
  19. Romalo5

    Ecclesiastical Warriors

    I am an Ecclesiastical (Church) Historian and I think that FoE is missing a trick. There are numerous occasions when Bishops led troops into battle, or were simply present to encourage the fighters. What about having a Priest/Bishop/Muezin/Fakir/Monk as well as the 'Champions"? They could add...
  20. Romalo5

    Trading Goods

    If you have a Trade Offer which goes 'out of date' do you get your goods back that you offered?