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Search results

  1. Update 1.214 Feedback

    Inno continues to violate each and every rule of good GUI design for the sole purpose of gaining a few extra euros from players accidentally clicking "heal all". If you need more money from us, state it clearly and honestly and let us decide whether or not we like the game enough to give you...
  2. Update to 1.204 - Feedback

    How is GE lvl 4 any more difficult in SAV than it was in SAAB? I really don't understand the logic behind this decision, a bit of a challenge would be a welcome change from my perspektive.
  3. Forge Bowl 2021 questions and non feedback comments

    That's how it is, half the output of a carousel but needing more space
  4. Inequality in Guild Battlegrounds

    Adding to what Ceban wrote: change the way the influence of SC is calculated, so that attrition can't be eliminated any more. It should not be possible to reduce attrition by more than 50% in total. This would drastically reduce the number of fights for 24/7 players on semi-auto, making the...
  5. How many Gummy Bears?!

    There are without doubt exactly 162 bears in that jar.
  6. Final Barn Sets/Combonations

    I really don't understand why so many people spend their money the wrong way. All offers for "diamonds plus event currency" are always way too expensive. The time to buy diamonds is when you get the +200% diamonds offer. Instead of buying 11k diamonds for 80 bucks you will get 33k, and these...
  7. Motivate or polish

    I think the algorythm could do with a bit of improvement. As it stands an increase of 1FP (sok) outweighs e.g. an increase of 10 units (royal bathhouse) or 4 units plus 35 goods (vovernor's villa), that doesn't seem very reasonable.
  8. Return to inventory after placing from inventory

    Obviously you then have to close the inventory, like atm you have to close the building menue
  9. Forwarded: Mobile - Egypt settlement icon links to belt colony

    [Version 1.183.15, Android 10] On mobile there seems to be a misplaced link. If the ship of the egyptian settlement shows the exclamation mark, clicking it will take me not to the egyptians but to the asteroid belt settlement. The sign itself seems to be triggered by collections on belt rather...
  10. New Bug: Games freezes upon travel in SAM map

    The day I reported the error I had deleted cookies and cache, restarted browser & the game, the whole procedure. One day later I can't reproduce the error anymore. The one thing that changed is that I completed the VF and SAM maps and therefore all maps. Before that I had sectors open in VF and...
  11. New Bug: Games freezes upon travel in SAM map

    I see this bug on two different computers, both running the game in chrome on Windows. After battling for mars ore on map two of the mars maps I click "access world map", then mars, then mars map one. At this point the game freezes and needs a reload. Now I see that it is not even neccessary to...
  12. Forwarded: More Filter Options in Inventory +

    That somewhat misses the point. If I know I want to build a publishers house you are of course right, but if I don't know the name of the building but want to check what cultural buildings I have from a certain era, the search doesn't help at all.
  13. Forwarded: More Filter Options in Inventory +

    Proposal Add two popup menues to the inventory buildings tab that allow for filtering by age and type of building Reason Currently the inventory can be filtered by the broad categories buildings, goods, consumables etc. and searched for building names. The search looks only into the name of the...
  14. Update Update to 1.141

    "we have re-introduced the darkening effect applied to backgrounds when a window is opened in the game." What a wonderful wording for "we've made a mistake but we haven't got the balls to say so". But at least it seems you listened and learned, so that's a positive.
  15. Event Winter Event 2018

    If a "x2" special is followed by a "show 2", will that one show 4 tiles and yield 6 stars? Apart from that I absolutely love the idea to replace the inca-style optic of watchfires by something else through upgrades. Please consider matching upgrades for ritual flames as well, it would be great...
  16. Fixed: Log-in issue

    If this is caused by the update then the procedures haven't been followed executing the update. Instead of the correct "Short downtime ... we apologize" notice there are rather unspecific error s depedning on plattform; android reports a problem with the internet connection, chrome on windows...
  17. Historical Questline Historical Questline - Sacajawea

    I wonder if anyone ever reads the texts of these "historical questlines". I always try to find a link between the story and the tasks, but fail. I mean Napoleon should have ended with "Get yourself beaten by five different armies in one day", not to mention Cleopatra's tragic meeting with the...
  18. Great Buildings FP lost due to inactive players

    I am not complaining, I just wanted to find out if you're deliberately unfriendly or out of neccessity. That question was answered now, so let's move on.
  19. Great Buildings FP lost due to inactive players

    Just out of curiosity: are you actually not capable of arguing in a friendly, civilized way or is that a kind of behaviour you think to be cool because you are young and inexperienced?
  20. Great Buildings FP lost due to inactive players

    Some people disconnect their entire cities from the townhall when they leave the game. This leads to GB that no-one can finish and lots of FP that are lost forever. E.g. the city of angelina23 on Killmore has been inactive for many weeks with an Arc at 3680/3773. Most of these points where of...