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Search results

  1. Greywolf

    Deleting a world

    For some reason I can only find the option to delete my city in a particular world. Are you sure there is an option to delete the world?
  2. Greywolf

    Pirate Maths!

  3. Greywolf

    Hippodrome Carceres not building.

    Have you moved your Rouisioi Track? If I remember correctly then moving a connected Track will reset the production in your Carceres (and/or Sphendone) to which it was connected.
  4. Greywolf

    Antique dealer..

    That would punish anyone who would save up coins and reward those who spent coins like crazy. That doesn't seem fair to me at all.
  5. Greywolf

    7th Anniversary Contest

    Happy 7th year anniversary and good luck to everyone who participates in this contest! Have been playing FoE for all those 7 years, so I guess happy anniversary to myself as well 8-) How many of the old players are still playing?
  6. Greywolf

    Price check on Virtual goods

    Just want to inquire about the current rate of Virtual goods for FP's. Several players asked me about it and I'm not entirely sure what would be a reasonable exchange rate. So I figured to ask here and see if I can get some rough estimates on current rates.
  7. Greywolf

    Positive Feedback about Forge of Empires

    Maybe getting you annoyed was the purpose of producing supplies in the Terrace Farm in the 1st place. If so then that player must have gotten a few laughs out of it. If by chance the player in question actually reads your post then he/she must ROFL for sure :lol:
  8. Greywolf

    Most underrated GBs

    Only checked out the top players in Rugnir to see their progress and took a peek at the top GB's. The most advanced player is in Tomorrow era, so assumed that there wasn't an Arc in Rugnir yet. Never crossed my mind to check whether someone won some Arc BP's from a forum competition, silly me :lol:
  9. Greywolf

    Most underrated GBs

    What about the players in Rugnir? None of the players there can built an Arc yet.
  10. Greywolf

    Event Soccer Cup

    The Bronze League is very sketchy. Both in Arvahall and Houndsmoor there are zero players in the Bronze. For example in Arvahall you need 2 to 5 goals to land in Bronze and the 6th goal lands you in the Silver League, Bronze is skipped :D
  11. Greywolf

    Three best military units in High Middle Ages ?

    Deal Castle's medal production is great in the early ages, but it will become insignificant in later ages. The bulk of medals income for high end players will come from GB donation rewards (especially with a high lvl Arc) and from daily quest rewards (when you have decent sized Chateau...
  12. Greywolf

    Thoughts on next GB

    When checking your city last time I didn't notice the absence of a Rogue Hideout. If you don't have one then try to get one from completing daily challenges and place it in your city. With rogues fighting in GE will become much easier.
  13. Greywolf

    Thoughts on next GB

    Havik79, I just checked out your city in Houndsmoor. You would definately benefit from a Castel del Monte. I would recommend to build and level it up as soon as possible. For a Modern Era player your attack bonus is a bit low. With a higher attack bonus you will be able to fight through more...
  14. Greywolf

    Can't plunder

    Just keep checking their cities. It is possible to plunder up to 24 hours after the victorious battle.
  15. Greywolf

    locking the last forge point on a GB

    The downside of this idea is that if a player goes inactive then it will be impossible to 'salvage' donations. At least now you have the option to level up the GB of an inactive player and salvage your donation.
  16. Greywolf

    Length of 4th turn boost in tavern

    In Arvahall I usually negotiate the last 12 encounters of stage 4. The 15 minute boost is a bit short to complete 12 negotiations, so I use the 30 minute boost. So at least for me the 30 minute boost is useful.
  17. Greywolf

    Aid and imunity from attack.

    This assumes that I know everyone that lives in my neighbourhood. Which no longer is the case.
  18. Greywolf

    Aid and imunity from attack.

    Really? It's more like finding a stranger in your house polishing. Wouldn't you consider attacking that stranger? In that line of thought it would make sense to attack anyone who polivates your city without permission.
  19. Greywolf

    Aid and imunity from attack.

    What if someone attacked you, would this prevent you from aiding the attacker for 24 hours?