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Search results

  1. Forwarded: Mobile - Egypt settlement icon links to belt colony

    [Version 1.183.15, Android 10] On mobile there seems to be a misplaced link. If the ship of the egyptian settlement shows the exclamation mark, clicking it will take me not to the egyptians but to the asteroid belt settlement. The sign itself seems to be triggered by collections on belt rather...
  2. New Bug: Games freezes upon travel in SAM map

    I see this bug on two different computers, both running the game in chrome on Windows. After battling for mars ore on map two of the mars maps I click "access world map", then mars, then mars map one. At this point the game freezes and needs a reload. Now I see that it is not even neccessary to...
  3. Forwarded: More Filter Options in Inventory +

    Proposal Add two popup menues to the inventory buildings tab that allow for filtering by age and type of building Reason Currently the inventory can be filtered by the broad categories buildings, goods, consumables etc. and searched for building names. The search looks only into the name of the...
  4. Great Buildings FP lost due to inactive players

    Some people disconnect their entire cities from the townhall when they leave the game. This leads to GB that no-one can finish and lots of FP that are lost forever. E.g. the city of angelina23 on Killmore has been inactive for many weeks with an Arc at 3680/3773. Most of these points where of...
  5. Great Buildings Extent info when posting Great Buildings on swap threads

    With the option to post a link to a great building in the guild threads swapping became much easier. But for those of us who posted their GBs before in a manner like "Arc 912/1600" it became more difficult to track things, as it is now harder to control whether points where paid or not, because...
  6. Fixed: [40290] Replay of fights crashes game

    I'm playing on Windows 10 pro 64bit using the latest chrome version. When I watch the replay of a fight in the events history until the end and then return to my city, it looks as if I had actually lost those units killed in the fight - the buildings producing them show the "sleeping" symbol as...