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Search results

  1. digbydo

    Closed September Fall Contest

    My guess is: 6 Chocolate, 14 Cinnamon, 19 Apples, 9 Caramel, and 17 Pumpkins Thank you
  2. digbydo

    Closed August Pirate Contest

    Captain d'Plank
  3. digbydo

    Crossword Puzzle!

    Across: 2) Footballs 4) Leaguetable 8) Cypresspass 9) Terracottavineyard 10) Calrogers Down: 1) Lavenderlawn 3) Olivegrove 5) Innoforgers 6) Ultimatecoach 7) Grapevines
  4. digbydo

    Galata Tower

    So where do we get the BP and why isn't it showing in the Wiki if it's available on the live server? Who has one and more importantly who has even seen a BP? If it's available I'm sure it would have turned up as a GB in the Build Menu with a 200 diamond sticker in each BP slot. n.b. I have...
  5. digbydo

    How many Gummy Bears?!

  6. digbydo

    Pirate Maths!

    The answer is 38
  7. digbydo

    Do Not Suggest: New level for statue of honour

    The roads will sort out your problem, let the new roads solve it 8-)
  8. digbydo

    Soccer Contest

    There are 115 footballs on the pitch showing no signs of social distancing :lol:
  9. digbydo

    June Forum Competition - Spot the Difference

    :? Go on then, I'll play along :lol:
  10. digbydo

    Word Association Game - April

    into a frog.
  11. digbydo

    Word Association Game - March

  12. digbydo

    Word Association Game - March

  13. digbydo

    Word Association Game - March

  14. digbydo

    Word Association Game - March

  15. digbydo

    Questions - February 2020 - Week 3

    1) 1963 2) You only live twice 3) A fire 4) Quebec 5) Castel del Monte
  16. digbydo

    Riddles - February 2020 - Week 2

    1) Statue of Honor 2) Colossus 3) A tree 4) Antiques Dealer 5) Friends Tavern