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Search results

  1. Mars credits disappeared

    Playing SAM since it began in May 2019, had amassed millions of credits. This morning, couldn't mine mars ore as a year's worth of credits suddenly down to 135!!!!! And no, I hadn't gone up to SAAB, but I had been exploring the SAAB continent map.
  2. Player MP75

    Tha's what mine used to look like before Inno 'lost' all my credits!!
  3. New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    Re credits disappearing, can I add my name to the list. I need Mars ore to make the jump to SAAB but today my mars ore mining was curtailed due to shortage of Mars Credits. I have been in SAM for about a year since it opened, so you can understand I had a millions of credits (much like MP75)...
  4. Closed Halloween Contest Part 1

    3,5,9,11 if i understood correctly - game instructions were not clear.
  5. Other Guild Vs Guild Updates

    I really contest some of the statements on here saying the equivalent of 'the whiners are in the minority'. This certainly isn't the case from what I have read on this thread since it began. 1) The changes mean this is no longer guild v guild, because it is impossible to plan on that basis...
  6. Other Guild Vs Guild Updates

    "no significant criticisms ".... not what I heard and evident from this thread where 99% of comments are highly critical of these changes to GvG.
  7. Other Guild Vs Guild Updates

    No point looking at the code when the infrastructure is inadequate. Suspect they do not want to invest in redevelopment of proper platforrm.
  8. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    Yes, I was seriously demotivated, not just about GvG, but actually about even bothering with the game any more..... what's the point of raising GBs, getting goods, troops, or buying stuff from the Dealer (esp. expensive attack items) without GVG as the ultimate aim??
  9. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    Not often you'll hear this Ice, but I totally agree with you!
  10. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    It's not even feasible for US players!
  11. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    I wonder if those players who bought diamonds with a view to enhancing their GvG capability will feel that they should be refunded, given the arbitrary impact on guild rankings of the sector revaluations?
  12. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

    Inno, you just killed your business! 1) GVG was the core around which other interest and activity was built; 2) In the names commenting here I recognise some big diamond spenders so you won't be getting their revenue any more and 3) Guess what, you just made the classic mistake of not...
  13. Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

  14. Closed The Bowls

    1 Green Bay Packers 2 Cal Rogers 3 Sixty-severn 4 Three 5 Five 6 Georgia 7 Pittsburgh Steelers (but this actually may be incorrect - should be the New England Patriots) 8 Thirty-two 9 Bronze 10 Eleven
  15. Closed Greva's Grub Gathering!

    Pumpkin: Farm Apples: Fruit farm Chocolate: Confectionery (large) Cinnamon: Spice Trader Apple Jelly: Cider Mill Cake: Bakery Cookies: Confectionery (large)
  16. Hoods and trade

    But isn't that like saying - countries are meant for trading, just your neighbours?
  17. Hoods and trade

    Reaching out to see whether other players find the current hood configuration a throttle on trades and progress in the game. Our observations are that the number and variety of trades have dwindled substantially, causing blocks to progress in the game. Even lower level players are commenting...
  18. Developers - please adjust your prorities.

    I would like to echo what PG, EJ and Ice have said on here and urge discussion not to descend into 'GVG is not the be all and end all' etc. as this misses the point. It is in INNO's interests to fix GVG because surely far more dosh is spent by players interested in fight capability than in a...
  19. Event Venice Carnival Event

    What Inno should have done, as these canal decos were meant to be tiled, is they should have been roads - which is how the canals actually are used in Venice! Doh!
  20. Event Venice Carnival Event

    This event is tedious - not a patch on the easter egg quest! - and expensive. Forget trying to get a SOK or WW...