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Search results

  1. Daily free gift

    So app players are getting more rewards than PC players?
  2. General conversation

    LOL this is so much fun to come here only periodically and spend an hour or so relaxing and reading all your posts. You guys are nuts and I love it! Thanks for making the EN forum the fun place to be. Others could learn a few things from you all. 8-)
  3. How to make a guild that is successful

    And I for one am so appreciative you are not him! I will never ever ask anything in the US forum again because of him and his responses. Some people (agent?) have no customer service skills what so ever. Thankfully KoI demonstrates civility, patience (at least most of the time :P) and knowledge...
  4. How to make a guild that is successful

    Even before doing this, I would recommend a player participate in 2 or 3 other guilds first, to get the experience of being in a guild. Then one can see what works for some and doesn't work for others. Learn how guilds work and what they are for, the good and the bad, before you start your own.
  5. Deepity Thoughts -- Logic (Reasoning) v.s. Power (Energy)

    Women in general and the way we think. One specific thing doesn't count. That's too easy. ;)
  6. Deepity Thoughts -- Logic (Reasoning) v.s. Power (Energy)

    But will men ever understand women? :P
  7. Moaning (Keep all your moaning here and stay here)

    You know there's all kinds of moaning. There's moaning when one is aggravated. There's moaning when one sees just how ridiculous some things are. There's moaning when one is in pain. Then there's the good kind of moaning. I'll let your imagination come up with all the ways for good moaning. ;)
  8. Just emojis

    :hide: Boooooo.....
  9. How long have you been playing FoE?

    Since Sept. 21, 2013
  10. Mobile Chat Feedback

    Very cool. Looks like several of us learned something new. Thanks, KoI. :)
  11. How many Gummy Bears?!

  12. [Feedback] Message Center Changes

    Do notifier rights mean anything under this new message center now?
  13. Mobile Chat Feedback

    PC users can also put in emojis. Really, using a PC? How? And a semi colon or colon with half a parenthesis is not an emoji. ;)<---- this is an emoji :P
  14. Mobile Chat Feedback

    Nice to see Inno actually making some of the PC player perks available for mobile players. However, please lose the emojis. They take up too much space on the thread and spread the posts out too far. PC users do not have that capability, so mobile users should not as well. Next point.... why are...
  15. Guild Forum Removal - Feedback

    Maybe Inno is finally realizing FoE wasn't ready to be an app yet since so many aspects of the game cannot be played on mobile. Wait.... noooo..... they would never admit to that. Never mind, I was only dreaming. But i am getting tired of Inno punishing PC users instead of fixing the game for...
  16. Guild Forum Removal - Feedback

    Here's an idea. How about giving the mobile players access to something us PC players always had instead of always forcing us PC players to change our game for mobile players? If Inno doesn't know how to do that, maybe they should hire some real gaming programmers. Oh but I forgot Inno's new...
  17. [Feedback] Message Center Changes

    Patience, my friend..... they might be someone new here and not realize most of us already know this. ;)
  18. [Feedback] Message Center Changes

    Yep but without the benefit of receiving the free dimes the Beta players actually do get.
  19. [Feedback] Message Center Changes

    Why have two favorites? One is under guild and the other under social. I would like my faves all in the same place. Hence the name"Favorites".