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Search results

  1. Guild Expeditions Level 4 - 15th (63rd) Battle

    Need help with the 63rd battle in GE (level 4 - 15th). Would like to know if anybody has been successful in this battle and what units were used? The defending units are 1st wave : 4 Plasmas + 2 Battle Fortresses + 2 Behemoths 2nd wave : 5 Battle fortresses + 2 Behemoths + 1 Champ Tried...
  2. Not a Bug: Game not loading

    World: Fel Dranghyr & Arvahall Browser and Version: Chrome Version 44.0.2403.155 m (latest) Overview of the bug: I am not able to load the game Screenshots: Its just a blank blue screen that comes before the Loading Screen. How often this occurs: I am not able to get in to...
  3. Is it possible for Alcatraz to give only 1 type of units when there are two barracks?

    I have 6 Helicopters Base and 1 Rogue hideout in my city ... When i checked just now the Army management screen after collecting from Alcatraz I haven't received even a single Rogue today ...SO i m assuming it should all 8 Helicopters (no way i can confirm this or that I have even received any...
  4. +150 Happiness of Robotics not calculated

    World: Fel Dranghyr Browser and Version: Chrome ver. 38.0.2125.111 m Overview of the bug: The 150 happiness given by my Robotics goods Building is not calculated towards the total happiness. Screenshots: Total Happiness when the goods buildings connected to the road Total Happiness...
  5. Looking for GvG players to be part of one of the Top guilds in FD

    Hi all, Private Trading is one of the Longest standing guilds in Fel dranghyr and is currently ranked among the top 3 guilds... We have come up the ranking through the regular participation of all our members in all aspects of the game... We never behave as guild members of an online game...
  6. Rocket Artillery is pretty weak with absolutely no terrain Bonus

    I just found out that Rocket Artillery of PME are actually very weak ... they are weaker than their ME counterparts ...The ME and almost all age Long range units get terrain boost (on hills) except the PME unit ... Is it done that way purposefully or its unintentional from the dev's ..... they...
  7. Has the second merge taken place already today or is it been forgotten??

    I believe that the new merging system was supposed to happen every 2 weeks on regular basis ... and I think we are already in the second week from the day the first merge happened... I don't think any merge happened today as all the towers have already opened up in my hood and nothing has...
  8. Fixed: World Fel Dranghyr not loading ... stops at 70% ... but i m able to open Arvahall

    World: Fel Dranghyr Browser and Version: Chrome/24.0.1312.57 Overview of the bug: Just for the last 30 minutes I am not able to load the game in World Fel dranghyr ...but when i tried another world - Arvahall- i m playing, it opened. Screenshots: Do not have How often this occurs...
  9. Fixed: Medals reduced!!!!Not Sure whether this is a Bug...

    World: Fel Dranghyr Browser and Version: Chrome/24.0.1312.57 Overview of the bug: All count of the past medals won have been lost in the Medal Ranking. Now reduced to the current actual amount of Medals Screenshots: Do not have How often this occurs: First time and just noticed. Urgency: medium...