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Search results

  1. Munzekonza

    Mass supply rash doesn't work

    Mass supply rush doesn't work on Witch Doctor building. Why? Is it a bug or it's meant to be?
  2. Munzekonza

    Are Orichalcum and Promethium goods or not?

    Have a quest in Archaeology event to gather 550 goods. Gathered Orichalcum and Promethium but they are not counted in for that quest. Are they goods or not? BTW are Mars Ore and Asteroid Ice goods too?
  3. Munzekonza


    Can someone explain me what's the use of avatars? As I can see most of the players haven't changed their avatar since the first time they joined the game. Others change their avatar accordingly to the ongoing event to show off they already have beaten some stage or finished the event. And at the...
  4. Munzekonza

    Which battles are counted in?

    Have a task in Spring event to fight 6 battles without losing. Every battle is counted in for the task except those ones which are fought in Cultural settlements. Is that OK or some bug?
  5. Munzekonza

    Space Age Mars goods cannot be plundered

    Tried to find if anyone asked about Mars Age goods but couldn't find. When you plunder the city you can plunder goods buildings from every age or era of the game except Space Age Mars goods buildings. The only way you can get those goods is by producing them or by trade. Have a single developer...
  6. Munzekonza

    No more avatars! Give us more expansions instead!

    In Oceanic future research list there are 9 avatars which you can get after completing a research. At the same time you can get only 3 expansions! It would be OK if avatars are useful for something (increasing percentage of some feature), but as only a profile picture they have no purpose and...
  7. Munzekonza

    Arctic Future Troops

    Every new troop in Arctic Future is less and less worthy than previous. You can beat every single army with army consisting of rail guns - rogues, hover tanks - rogues. Why you even bother to construct new troops?
  8. Munzekonza

    Forth crew member

    Can't find how can I unlock 4th crew member in Arctic Future ship?
  9. Munzekonza

    Message marked as spam

    I have sent message to a player with the link to the FoE forums thread and when I pressed Send it marked my message as spam. Why?
  10. Munzekonza

    Dissolving the guild and guild's treasury

    Tried to find an answer in the forum but with no luck. When a founder dissolves the guild what happens with guild's treasury? Where the goods go?
  11. Munzekonza

    [B]GB selling[/B]

    Tried to find in the forum if someone had started topic about seeling you GBs but had no luck. So it may be that I would repeat something alreday discussed, but anyway. What happen if you sell you GB due to the most common reason: No enough space in your city for new GB? Do you get something in...