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Search results

  1. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Castle System - Feedback

    On a serious note, thanks Inno for making the Castle system it is AWESOME
  2. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Castle System - Feedback

    it is good that inno woke up after 1000s of years :D
  3. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Castle System - Feedback

    #innowakeup! We have been waiting ages for this They are in Germany...
  4. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Castle System - Feedback

    If we don't get them soon Inno is probably sleeping.
  5. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Castle System - Feedback

    :/ Maybe they are preparing to release it hopefully
  6. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Reply Time

    I'm replying for no reason, even though I was not pinged
  7. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Update 1.214 Feedback

    Global now hurts people's eyes well done Inno. Please can we have a dark mode feature or will it be bright and painful to play?
  8. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    I mean about the guilds who are swapping sectors, I used to be in a guild where they swapped sectors and it was boring. By challenge I mean work harder, try your hardest to win and not give up when the competition is tough. To be honest I prefer GvG.
  9. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    No, boring is no challenge. By pre arranging I mean like swap sectors and all that stuff.
  10. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    General conversation

  11. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Great Buildings

    Hmm, the Arc is an asset many players love, only a few people dislike them. Many players would be upset and annoyed. I don't have access to a 1.9 thread and I don't have a high arc and I know the game is not effected if I had those or not. The Arc is an amazing building and I know it can solve a...
  12. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    So ppl don't make GBG boring with pre arranging everything
  13. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    In my opinion, GBG could use anonymous fighting, like you don't know who you fought until after the season ended.
  14. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Player Journal of a wannabe fighter

    Been barely online for a while, I will give a long update on my city. I haven't done GvG or GbG or GE in a while. I might decide to do a settlement, but probably not.
  15. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    PVP arena

    Or they went far in the Battle Map, it would of cost them a lot of troops and time and effort. Maybe, wonder how hard they worked. If you have a problem with their gameplay, go and try to work out how they done it.
  16. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Why do you play Forge of Empires?

    My big brother told me to play, he said he was better than me and he says that I'm trash. so I play to prove him wrong
  17. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    General conversation

  18. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Do Not Suggest: New Special Unit: Commander

    I'll do the mods a favour and ping a mod. @DarkUros222