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Search results

  1. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    music debate Whats better Metal or pop music

    Rules: no songs containing profanity link songs from Youtube If a song has a swear word must be in a spoiler and say it contains swearing Do not go off the topic of music Feel free to criticize music tastes as long as it is not too harsh ::)
  2. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Lions is recruiting

    ⚜ lions ⚜ is recruiting we are the fiercest lions in the mountains, we are loyal to our allies. We will do GBG properly NO ALLIENCES, NO AGREEMENTS, we will fight together and stick together. If you betray the pride you will be crushed. No one is left behind, we work together; we stick...
  3. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    jaims i'm sadly coming to start a battle town... No nego allowed

    I will start a series on this world hopefully. If RL will permit warning i'm coming to fight and plunder you all
  4. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Do Not Suggest: custom portraits (in order to balance; it should cost diamonds)

    Proposal: for custom portraits to be made Have you checked the forums for the same or similar idea: Yes Reason: It would make the game cooler and possibly make more diamond spenders so more revenue for inno. Plus there would be something for everyone Details: I believe inno should make custom...
  5. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    whats your favourite dance

    What is your favourite dance
  6. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Player Response thread for journal of the wannabe fighter

    The journal can be found Here
  7. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Android app not getting the update

    Hi my Moto E4 android 7 has not received the update for the app should I be concerned This is urgent!!!!! I have installed and uninstalled the app What should I do @Lady Marlena
  8. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Player Journal of a wannabe fighter

    Hi I am Emma I have been playing for 4 months or so, and I am going to write a log of what is happening in my city I currently am in the late middle ages Please leave comments Here please thank you
  9. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Moaning (Keep all your moaning here and stay here)

    Moan here and no where else
  10. Arctic Fox the Fighter

    Artistic clubhouse

    Hi we design avatars and guild recruitments We can make a guild webpage and scratch games Cost: free How to order via replies on the thread then I will pm you No waiting list right now Projects may take a while to be made