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Search results

  1. SK of Redemption

    Confirmed: Message Center

    Currently I am unable to edit, copy or delete a message on any thread once posted unless I leave the thread and come back in. I've asked in my own guild and there seems to be a fair few there. I reported this to support and was asked to clear cache and then do the normal delete app and...
  2. SK of Redemption

    Unformatted: Decrease Attrition in GbG

    Hi FoE family My idea is quite simple so I’m not going to bog you will various details and requirements. Idea is to be able to decrease your attrition by spending diamonds or using coins/supplies. Money making idea for FoE but also benefits individual players to get rewards and supports your...
  3. SK of Redemption

    Forge Point Bank

    Does anyone else like the idea of a forge point bank? Not just the inventory pool but a proper bank that you can separate forge points. This would mean you can have a dedicated amount set aside for investments, sniping, own investment, 1.9 etc.