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Search results

  1. Munzekonza

    Archaeology 2021 Feedback

    Got official message about Mooingcat and everything about Archaelogy event has gone: UI, quests etc. LOL Reloading helped but WTF!?
  2. Munzekonza

    Space Age Venus - Feedback

    9 avatars LOL. What should I do with them? 7 expansions and how much of them are for the main city?
  3. Munzekonza

    Winter 2020 Feeback

    I have all 9 reindeers found but still have to give 2995 diamonds to claim 9 rewards. Is that piracy or just a bug_
  4. Munzekonza

    How many Gummy Bears?!

    84 gummy bears
  5. Munzekonza

    Mass supply rash doesn't work

    Which special buildings? On some it works on some doesn't. On Foeberge shop it works even though it has happines as permanent effect so it is not purely supplies building.
  6. Munzekonza

    Mass supply rash doesn't work

    Mass supply rush doesn't work on Witch Doctor building. Why? Is it a bug or it's meant to be?
  7. Munzekonza

    Soccer Contest

  8. Munzekonza

    Are Orichalcum and Promethium goods or not?

    Mars Ore was special good but in SAAB you can produce it in the main city, can be plundered etc. Are there some from the staff to explain why they are not counted?
  9. Munzekonza

    Are Orichalcum and Promethium goods or not?

    Have a quest in Archaeology event to gather 550 goods. Gathered Orichalcum and Promethium but they are not counted in for that quest. Are they goods or not? BTW are Mars Ore and Asteroid Ice goods too?
  10. Munzekonza


    Can someone explain me what's the use of avatars? As I can see most of the players haven't changed their avatar since the first time they joined the game. Others change their avatar accordingly to the ongoing event to show off they already have beaten some stage or finished the event. And at the...
  11. Munzekonza

    New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    You misunderstood. I was talking about Mars Era and shortened it to ME. As for synthesising goods on Earth that's a very good excuse for developers. Mixing true life in this game is ridiculous.
  12. Munzekonza

    New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    Expansions are always useful. I've got 1 and in research can see 1 more, but don't know how many are there on the continent map. As for goods biuldings I had two boosts in Mars Era, 1. Bio Tech Farm for production Bio Tech crops, 2. Fusion Plant for production Fusion reactors. For researching...
  13. Munzekonza

    New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    Good for you. As for me diamond expansion cost 1200 diamonds right now, and hope it stays so much for some time, or not? I had two of the same kind in the Mars colony, since you have boost only for two goods. I paid them twice. To research in Mars Era and now again. BS
  14. Munzekonza

    New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    23 colony expansions and only 2 expansions for the city. Don't count in those for diamonds. Diamonds are real money so who can afford them he has already a full city plan. BTW haven't used all mars colony expansions. Didn't need all of them to reach the goal and get colony function as it is...
  15. Munzekonza

    New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    What the hell was that you have to research again goods buildings from mars era just to put them in the main city? And again you don't give any expansions for the main city but more and more buildings to put where?
  16. Munzekonza

    Which battles are counted in?

    Have a task in Spring event to fight 6 battles without losing. Every battle is counted in for the task except those ones which are fought in Cultural settlements. Is that OK or some bug?
  17. Munzekonza

    Space Age Mars goods cannot be plundered

    Tried to find if anyone asked about Mars Age goods but couldn't find. When you plunder the city you can plunder goods buildings from every age or era of the game except Space Age Mars goods buildings. The only way you can get those goods is by producing them or by trade. Have a single developer...
  18. Munzekonza

    Event Forge Bowl 2020 Feedback

    Another event with useless avatars, and with buildings to put WHERE? Would and could be just one event with just one reward expansion? Even if we should pay it with the medals.
  19. Munzekonza

    Forum Winter Forum Contest 2019

    I can't either!
  20. Munzekonza

    Event Winter Event 2019

    Another event without expansion reward! And more useless avatars!