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Search results

  1. Tut60

    Harvest Farm selection Kit

    I get 9 Harvest Farm selection Kit so far Do I have to build and upgrade the Harvest Barn ? What's the best combination to choose as my priority are Fp and combat.
  2. Tut60

    ARC level for breaking even

    At what ARC level do you break even in your investment ? Currently @ 15
  3. Tut60

    Defending in CA

    What's the best troops combination for defending in CA
  4. Tut60


    Am I going to need hundreds of Bronze, Iron and EMA Goods after finishing LMA research and Provinces
  5. Tut60

    Have you experienced this Bug !?

    Today, I have the most bizarre Bug in my Quests: - STORY: Build a Musketeer or Imperial Guard Bldg, Built a Musketeer but the quest wouldn't register it - DAILY: Polish / motivate 40 players, motivated / polished my Guild, friends and neighbors but only registered 18/40 Sent a ticket and get...
  6. Tut60

    The Vikings settlement

    Can I destroy / remove the Mead Brewery after I have produced enough to finish the settlement or will the produced Meads disappear with it ?
  7. Tut60

    Need suggestions Finding a guild

    Need suggestions finding an active guild (+40 active members) welcoming and coaching noobs I am only playing since 6 weeks and now 3 days away from finishing LMA in Odhrovar
  8. Tut60

    Arena of Victors

    Till which age its worth building it If I build it now, would it be LMA compatible or would it need renovation I am very new and now struggling in LMA TY
  9. Tut60

    How to choose which cultural settlement

    Hello Very new to the game, finished Lvl1 Viking and automatically found myself in Egypt! How to choose Lvl2 Viking after finishing Lvl1 Egypt Thanks
  10. Tut60

    Egyptian settelement combat

    Hello How to beat Lvl 3 (Battle difficulty / hard), composed of 10 warriors in 2 waves 2 war chariot, 2 Nubian Archer, 2 Khopesh fighter 3 Nubian Archer, 1 Khopesh fighter Thank you