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Search results

  1. Fixed: Admin only thread .. appears to everyone!

    We worked around the new chat layout .. finding most of the changes useful thanks but have found a problem with one facility that doesn't seem to be working as it should... When making a thread for admins only to see and use... we get other guild members able to see the content. THIS IS NOT...
  2. Spoiler Fall Event Start Date on Live

    Have to say ... recent event buildings are getting pretty big and last event, seems you need to spend to get to the last main building up. Pretty sad state of affairs imo
  3. New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    ok i found what i was missing ... thanks I guess i should have found time to read up on the new era
  4. New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    okay.. so the sum total of help/advice on my Q seems to be "you are missing something" pardon me for asking a general Q in here instead of talking about combat but perhaps someone in here might be kind enough to say what I am missing
  5. New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    okay so bite me as I didn't read up on this before going in. Looks like i need some mars ore to tech and yet I can no longer access my mars colony. Was the dev having a bad day when they coded this or am i missing something (other than spending game currency) also .. era goods building in my...
  6. Disparity of guild sizes on battleground

    I have the same concerns over the big range of guild sizes in leagues but also the scoring seems wierd/unfair we just moved into silver league and have 3 provinces with some buildings but are ranked below a guild that has no provinces or buildings or VP per hour ... bug or what?
  7. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    thanks .. found the log of who built buildings in the guild battleground logs on the left. well as a permanent feature .. how is the cost calced for guild buildings ? as some of them are ridiculously espensive imo
  8. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    interesting new event ... a bit early for informed comment but would appreciate knowing that (or where) the record of guild treasury spent on buildings is coming
  9. New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    there is a line in the facts bit on "if your guild is signed up" .. how does a guild "sign up" for GBG
  10. Fighting in VF era

    thanks for the advice.. does seem to be working good to hear rogues are still useful
  11. Fighting in VF era

    Looking for some advice here as something looks wrong to me ... I have a 253% boost on my attack at the moment and my unit scores are way over what i'm up against and yet in GE L1 I am unable to win any auto fights. I don't to a lot of fighting so auto fight is what i do. I am matching...
  12. GVG Fighting

    thanks for your reply .. very helpful
  13. GVG Fighting

    We have players in trusted positions .. what I was looking for was what the ordinary guildie can do in GVG when those trusted are not around or able to lay sieges in an era
  14. GVG Fighting

    so (if i understand you right) they can only latch onto deleted sieges started by trusted members (assuming they have enough of the right era troops) they cant open their own sieges
  15. GVG Fighting

    We don't have many ordinary guild members interested/able to do this game feature but it seems hard to find anything they can do except fill open defence slots. Is there any reasonable way to give our ordinary members some fighting experience .. assuming they have troops in an era our guild...
  16. New Content Space Age Mars

    Have to admit that I've been looking forward to entering the SAM era. However ...it's going to be a while before i am able to produce any mars ore and since my GBs (that say they produce "unrefined goods that are needed to produce goods from the current age" ) DON'T .. that seems to need...
  17. Browsers for Mobiles that can load a workable GVG map

    Are there any ? as it would be a BIG help if there was. Any info on any and their abilities/limitations would be appreciated
  18. What can a guild do when the original leader is offline for 6 months?

    why bother having any guild rights at all if you are wanting the game to do the work for you...There are reasons why guildies are afk for a time.. any good team has a process to handle it. I do agree on it being a bit too easy to dissolve a guild though... perhaps it should need a...
  19. PC vs Mobile

    Our Guild has been going a long time ... Over the years .. since GE has come in and the mobile app has taken hold, GVG action has faced attack from these game changes and just about died. I appreciate that I have not taken the time to read back on this thread.. so apologies for slamming into a...
  20. Event May Day Event 2017

    I would like to see quests that cater for a wide range of players of FoE. Its 5 years on lol so i'm sure there are many that are at the end of the tech tree or on techs that take weeks to complete. There are also very few branches on the tech tree (or ones that dont join up) so there is little...