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Search results

  1. Closed Halloween Contest Part 4

    Puzzle 1: F4 Puzzle 2: F1 Puzzle 3: C5 Puzzle 4: D2 Puzzle 5: A4
  2. Closed Food Of Earth

    FOODS of EARTH answers 1. Germany Sauerkraut 2. France Cassoulet 3. Belgium Moules-frites 4. United Kingdom Chicken Tikka Masala 5. Austria...
  3. Forwarded: Healthy army

    Excellent idea. When GvG fighting time can be of essence. Trying to find, say healthy rouges, from a shortened list of wounded troops can be very time consuming. This seems to the the answer and cannot be difficult to program.
  4. Alcatraz

  5. Alcatraz

    Alcatraz produces unattached military units randomly selected from any unit you can produce. Does this mean that if you disable a military building by moving it away from a road then the associated unit will not be produced?
  6. Already Suggested: Plunder solution when weaker player constantly plundered by stronger

    I was thinking of a named bomb which would only be triggered by that person plundering. It would cause, say, twice the damage of the plundered good to the attackers stash. I think this would work as only a persistent plunderer would be affected.
  7. Already Suggested: Plunder solution when weaker player constantly plundered by stronger

    There is a problem with the game. It occurs when a player is very much stronger than another. He attacks and plunders and there is not a thing the weaker player can do about it. A possible solution. Named time bombs. The weaker player could plant these bombs in his goods and when plundered it...
  8. Event Winter Event 2014

    The next winter quest is to delete 5 buildings from current or previous age. Do roads count as buildings? I do not yet have any qualifying roads to test.