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Search results

  1. Unformatted: Upgrade Trading Options

    We all like to improve our GBs by Trading excess BPs but this seems very "Hit and Miss". How about allowing players to Trade BPs between themselves? As an example..... I may need one BP for a GB so can go to the Trade section and ask for it together with what BPs the other person wants in...
  2. Unformatted: Trading Options

    Why not expand the trade feature to allow anything at all to be traded? For example, I could say "I need the bottom centre blueprint for a building, does anybody have a spare and what do they want in ?" Sounds fair to me. It could also include any other item in the game
  3. Rebuilding Option

    The rebuilding option is a great tool and I use it a lot However I think it would be a great improvement if, after working on the "out of game" bit, it was possible to check whether all changes made are correct. Specifically, are all buildings that need to be connected to roads, connected...
  4. Adobe Flash Player

    So, when Adobe Flash becomes unsupported, should I remove it and enable Chrome Flash? If so, how do I do it?
  5. Adobe Flash Player

    I logged in this morning and a message appeared saying that the site uses adobe flash player which will soon be unsupported. Will that cause problems? What is being done about it?
  6. Do Not Suggest: Exporting to 'Other' Worlds

    I have thought about all the problems mentioned, but surely the programmers are clever enough to put safeguards in place? The obvious one would be a time limit on having played the other worlds. Also a total block on any future play in a world exported from.
  7. Do Not Suggest: Exporting to 'Other' Worlds

    I think that most people will have tried every new world as it was introduced. Many, like me, will have abandoned them and concentrated on one world. Why not, as a 'one-off' function, allow people to 'export' goods and money from a world to another? Obviously there would need to be...
  8. Account in Multiple Worlds

    Whenever a new World appeared, I tried it but found it too time-consuming. I am now only active in one World but have accumulated goods and money in the other Worlds. Why is it not possible to 'export' these surpluses to my only active World? I earned them by legitimate play.
  9. Medals

    I am slowly learning more and more about the game but am still puzzled as to how to use medals. It seems I get them for helping with Great Buildings but what do I do with them?
  10. Reward for Helping with Great Buildings

    I've got it now........I ended up in first place and got an excellent reward. I understand it now - thanks folks for all your comments
  11. Reward for Helping with Great Buildings

    So you only get rewards if you contribute more than anybody else? Sounds wrong to me. What incentive is there to help anybody?
  12. Reward for Helping with Great Buildings

    I am disappointed that, having helped a Guild Member with his/her Statue of Zeus Great Building by donating Forge Points, it stated that 'contribution reward for this level' was +5 Forge Points 4 Medals 1 Blueprint. I assumed this meant I would get these for contributing. I got nothing! Should I...
  13. Fixed: Login Button does nothing

    Why does Dinegar lock up at 70% when trying to log-in? How do I get round it?
  14. Daily Bonus

    Maybe give the player an option of either gold or supplies?