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Search results

  1. Some ideeas

    Hello to all, I play for 1407 day the game on desktop and mobile and I have these requests: - can you add the auto harvest system(pay 5 diamonds) that is on pc to the mobile version? I am using it for over 2 years; - can you add to the Blue Galaxy great building an option(window) that you can...
  2. New Content Antiques Dealer

    Hello, A very nice improvement to the game but there is one small problem. Can you make in the "Exchange" window > "Inventory" can you make that I will be able to sort by the number/trade coins/gems? I will be more easy to scroll in my inventory and it will be other very good improvements. Best...
  3. Closed Greva's Grub Gathering!

    Hello, The answers are: 1 Pumpkins - Farm - 8h - HMA 2 Apples - Fruit Farm - 1h - Bronze age 3 Chocolate - Confectionary - 5 min - Progressive age 4 Cinnamon - Spice Trader - 5 min - LMA 5 Apple Jely - Cider Mill/Blooming/Fruitful/Bountiful and Prosperous Cider Mill - 1 h - all ages 6 Cake -...
  4. Other Automatic Account Deletion

    About the FP invested in the deleted account, you can push and get the reward or let them die, i have some fp's invested and ...
  5. New Content Daily Challenges

    Other BIG MINUS, why I need to advance with two quests? Very BAD move forcing the players to advance.
  6. New Content Daily Challenges

    @Test Ament i was keeping them for events.
  7. New Content Daily Challenges

    Use them in the first encounters, I've done that.
  8. New Content Daily Challenges

    "However, we have spent some time making sure that there will be no 'impossible' challenges (like scouting that would take two days), and we won't be asking you to research." Why I need to acquire one sector ??? And it is the second day. I think I will skip this step.
  9. Update Update to 1.116

    I will do that but after's today set
  10. Update Update to 1.116

    Hi all, 1. I had aid/visit taverns all the persons in morning, now i know don't aid/visit taverns just after you see the quest 2. you can have 80 friends and todays quest ask me to visit 45 taverns. Please note that some friends can be inactive. I think 20 is a very good ideea but 45? 3. win 10...
  11. Closed Pre-Winter Contest

    Hi, December 1914 Christmas day, Germans, French and Scottish decide to not fire a single shell and they start to sing: This is the best Christmas song from my point of view, you can see the full movie Joyeux Noël ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0424205/ ) and about the Christmas truce (...
  12. [COMPETITION] Pumpkin Contest 2016

    Hello, I dont have one i had made many pumpkins :D