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  1. FoE Philosophy by The Stoic Sage

    Event Adventures I had big plans for this event in both my games, and although I haven’t achieved what I hoped so far there’s still time. As a fighter this event has some interesting buildings available, namely the Pagoda and Cherry Garden Set. I have used diamonds in one of my games but not...
  2. FoE Philosophy by The Stoic Sage

    I think maybe you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a new player!
  3. FoE Philosophy by The Stoic Sage

    Leading From The Front. In Dinegu I started a new guild in January with two friends as co-founders. We now have 6 members. I have taken the lead role in setting up and running the guild, and have given a lot of thought to what makes a good guild leader. My ideas about leadership are generated...
  4. Spring Event 2021 questions and non feedback comments

    I’ve always assumed that there’s an equation (either actual or theoretical) that they are using to choose the percentages of the daily specials, with the goal being to maintain the value of the prizes and with an overall goal of a stable economy within the game. I guess this also factors in the...
  5. FoE Philosophy by The Stoic Sage

    Right Place, Right Time. Finding the right guild is very tough. I have two games, both started at the same time, and have been in six guilds in total (three in each game). It has been third time lucky for me in both games, and I am happy with my current “homes”. All of the guilds I’ve been in...
  6. FoE Philosophy by The Stoic Sage

    Goal Machine. There is no instruction manual for FoE because there is no single correct way to play it. You can choose your style and you can set your own targets. The FoE Gods created a world for us to shape and have left us to it. Along your path you will receive advice from good players...
  7. Event Spring Event 2021 Feedback

    I agree that the frequency of the events means they lose some of the excitement, but I’ve just changed my approach. I have enough population so only build when I like the current building (basically if it has attacking army boosts), and treat the events as prize farms. This time I’m after Spring...
  8. FoE Philosophy by The Stoic Sage

    Strange Currencies. In real life one currency dominates - money. In FoE Forge Points would seem to be the main currency at first glance, but they can’t buy everything. Medals, diamonds, goods, coins, supplies, tavern silver, antique silver and event currency all buy things that Forge Points...
  9. FoE Philosophy by The Stoic Sage

    Arc Addiction. I’m currently working hard on my Arc in both my games. In Langendorn I’m at Level 71 and desperate to get to 80 ASAP, and in Dinegu I’m saving up for an Arc party to help the members of my new guild get blueprints. I seem to be a little bit obsessed. My Langendorn guild (The...
  10. FoE Philosophy by The Stoic Sage

    First Impressions. I like my avatar. I think he looks kind and gentle, but with steel in his eyes. I like that he looks a little like me in real life.You may see something different when you look at him. I’m curious how much difference our avatars make to our interactions within the game. I...
  11. FoE Philosophy by The Stoic Sage

    FoE Philosophy. I have been gaming for 35 years but FoE has taken the experience to a whole new level for me. Nine months into my games in Langendorn and Dinegu, and I’m still constantly learning about FoE, myself and life as I delve deeper into the game and it’s wonders. Never have I found a...