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Search results

  1. Update 1.214 Feedback

    The improvement of adding a 'no age' filter in the drop down menu isn't improving much in the PC version. Better if you can add a tab of 'Show no age units only' in the Army Management window next to 'show X units only' tabs. ( X = fast, heavy, light, etc. ) When the 'Show all units' tab or...
  2. Closed August Pirate Contest

    Two Toe Crustacean
  3. New Bug: New Avatars

    Same here. Happens when an Avatar from a Settlement is selected. I came here to report the same, then I saw it's already been done. :)
  4. New Bug: Shows "Tavern full" when it's not.

    Found one instant today as well in World O. Many bugs you have fixed by updates also can be corrected by refreshing. If you still fix those bugs with updates, why can't you do the same for this? We'll need Tavern visits for the quests in events. If the tavern icon is misleading, we'll be missing...
  5. New Bug: Incident reappears somewhere else when collected.

    Same here. Earlier bug must have been fixed, but now there's a new bug where there are many incidents appearing without any rewards. I assume they don't count for the "Collect X number of incidents." quests as well. Hopefully they'll fix this before the next event. I might have made things worse...
  6. New Bug: Shows "Tavern full" when it's not.

    Still there are some instances this happens. Is refreshing every few minutes the only solution to this. I still don't understand why this is not considered a bug.
  7. New Bug: Shows "Tavern full" when it's not.

    That's exactly what I'm trying to say. I will have to either refresh, visit a settlement/GbG map or do something else every time it shows "Tavern full"to make sure. Of course refreshing will show the correct icon, but how many times will I have to do that? When another timer runs out, it will...
  8. New Bug: Shows "Tavern full" when it's not.

    Hasn't anyone else come across this? I found a few more instances today, on multiple worlds (attached below). If I visit a settlement or the GbG map and return to the city, it changes to the correct "Visit Tavern" icon. Shouldn't have to visit their city or visit the Settlement/GbG map every...
  9. New Bug: Shows "Tavern full" when it's not.

    I've been looking at this screen (shown in the attachment) for a few minutes and still hasn't changed. As you can see, the Tavern is only 5/16 full, but the icon says "Tavern full". I'll be missing on a few Tavern Visits if I only go by what the icon says.
  10. New Bug: Incident reappears somewhere else when collected.

    Sometimes when an incident is collected, it reappears somewhere else. You get a reward the first one, but not from the reappeared one.
  11. New Bug: Shows "Tavern full" when it's not.

    On PC, when I hover over the player's Tavern Chair icon on the friend list it shows "Tavern full", but when I visit their city or their tavern directly, it is not full and I can sit in it. Now I have to visit their city or the Tavern every time it shows "Tavern full" to see if there is a seat...
  12. How many Gummy Bears?!

  13. 'Failed to load shared/gui/quests/quests'

    I get the same message on the loading bar around 43-47% loaded. I play in Opera Browser. It doesn't even come to the loading screen in either Chrome or Firefox.