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Search results

  1. Not a Bug: Chateau Frontak dos not gave 50%

    In web version this great bilding dos not provide +50% when i ansver of he questions!
  2. Tavern boost merchants ratio

    I tray it in browser version I did not see any effect! How dos it work? also the construction boost does not apply on started buildings!!!
  3. Unformatted: for 10 diamonds to have allowed

    what about "garage sales" ability for 10 diamonds to have allowed opening 2 day sells(auction)@
  4. difficulty II in Expedition

  5. difficulty II in Expedition

    What did I lose from this change?
  6. difficulty II in Expedition

    I wot to 3 of the owners of guild CARPE DIEM "Please unlock for me difficulty II in Expedition - you have the rights." No answer. what I can do in this case?
  7. New Content Cultural Settlements - Ancient Egypt Feedback

    "Loot - Gained from winning fights in the Siege Camp and is used to produce Cultural Goods. " In WEB based version was some #dead lock# I canceled settelment
  8. the Antique dealer is bic robber

    Hi offer "ornate baths" for 19.440 for sell ant to buy from me 4.860 this is 25% !! 75 % profit - ROBBER!
  9. Not a Bug: no "trusted" right

    I m not sure, but..
  10. how the "state building" work

    I try to "store" "Printer" building - it does not have any population! I'm sorry I didn't write in the beginning that!
  11. how the "state building" work

    See message
  12. Trading blueprints

    Lets trad them! And "antique Delar " is one a VERY poor shack!