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Search results

  1. digi the tired

    New Bug: GE Relics

    Before this week when you had completed all the encounters on a GE level, you could pick up the relics in peace, and only after all of them had been collected you get the come back next week/go to the next level menu popup. This week however, it seemed to pop up after every single relic...
  2. digi the tired

    Confirmed: Galata Tower

    Not much of a bug just a minor thing that got forgotten when making/moving Galata Tower, it is not visible in the "Upcoming" and "New in this Age" part of the tech tree for EMA
  3. digi the tired

    Fixed: GB visual bug

    When looking at previous levels of a GB the text is on top of the FP buttons. You can still press the buttons if you're precise(I apparently spent 300 fps when I couldn't see the numbers in the box). It bugs out a bit more visually but nothing game breaking as far as I can see.
  4. digi the tired

    Secret garden

    I copy pasted this here from my post in the discussion section as it wasn't really getting any attention/feedback there. And after thinking about it myself this might be better just as a seasonal secondary summer event lasting June-August rather than a permanent feature. Just a random Idea I...
  5. digi the tired

    Secret Garden

    Just a random Idea I thought of where you could have a small back garden where you can place decorations and special buildings. The only stat that would be used from buildings would be happiness. After reaching certain thresholds you would gain a certain amount of Forge Points(weekly or daily I...
  6. digi the tired

    Not a Bug: GB Reward Notifications

    This is something that has been "bugging" me (hahhaah) for a long time but is only a minor bug much like the building mode bug I found earlier. When coming back to your city either by logging in or coming out of ge/gbg and some GB you contributed to has leveled, on PC it will only ever show one...
  7. digi the tired

    Fixed: build mode

    It's just a minor bug I noticed, when opening gbg with build mode up and then exiting gbg. The build mode will be semi-stuck: The fix is simply to open build mode again or visit settlement.