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Search results

  1. Christoph do Alcaide

    Impossible event quest

    Well, it is for me My event quest No. 20, to get me the Event Hub addition, is to: Scout a province of Defeat this large army. Even with attack & defence boosts of 99%, plus another 30% from a Tavern Shop boost I have decimated most of my army so the defeat this large army is out As for the...
  2. Christoph do Alcaide

    Spare rewards?

    Hi peeps, I have, among others, a Mountain Reserve Selection Kit. I already have the mountain up to Bear mountain. And, it is very useful. So, why can I not auction the spare kit? There is no chance of obtaining upgrades for it if I used it so, what's the point in it being locked? Answers on a...
  3. Christoph do Alcaide

    Brass in the Tomorrow age?

    Hi all, I'm in the age of tomorrow. I have just conquered a province that gave me Iron Ore to improve the production of Brass. Why? I'm not in the Middle Ages suggestions on a postcard please
  4. Christoph do Alcaide

    Insufficient privileges

    I have Insufficient privileges to post here it says on game discussions ??? What the hell does that mean? I haven't bought enough diamonds ??? Or I haven't got 1000 people in my guild ??? Answers on a post-it please
  5. Christoph do Alcaide

    No increase in benefit with Zeus upgrade?

    Hi all, Can someone tell my why, for spending 536 Forge Points, there would be no increase in the bonus for my Statue of Zeus? tia, Chri
  6. Christoph do Alcaide

    Update 1.2, screen lag?

    Hi all, maybe it's just me, I haven't found any other mention of this on the forum but, since the update to 1.2 I have a screen lag for most operations of anything from 1 - 5 seconds. just about everything is doing it from collecting incidents, visiting friends taverns to just scrolling the...
  7. Christoph do Alcaide

    Unrealistic Story Quest

    Just a whinge, My next Story Quest is to research Squad Tactics & Special Operations. This Quest is titled: The end of this chapter. Ok but, I am currently in the middle of Modern Era. Squad Tactics & Special Operations are the last two in Postmodern Era. That's 25 researches and countless forge...
  8. Christoph do Alcaide

    Locked forge points in Great Buildings?

    So, a player gives up playing and quits. You have 40 forge points invested in one of their Great Buildings. What happens now? Nothing apparently Excellent
  9. Christoph do Alcaide

    Polish, Motivate or ?

    Around three times a day I scroll through my 'friends ' list. I always visit those that show an AID star and choose a building to motivate or polish. What would happen if I just chose the AID button?E Just wondering