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Search results

  1. Estipar

    No more 'unknown guild' listings in reports!

    This has been asked for I am sure many time, but it is badly needed .. Full report logs and ALL guilds named if siege was placed - no more 'unknown guild' listings in reports!
  2. Estipar

    Fixed: Unable to access Guild Expedition in Fel

    Seems to be happening all over.. working on some worlds and not on others, for some guilds and not other also on the same worlds?? Thanks Estipar
  3. Estipar

    Siege Armies Transforming after Sector Won

    Hi .. Perhaps I have missed something. On 'All Ages' GvG Map my siege armies of all converting to AF Units after the siege is complete.. So for example I siege with 6 AF and 2 FE Units but after the Sector is won they all transform to 8 AF units in the Defensive Slot? Did I miss something or is...
  4. Estipar

    Maximum Number of units

    I seem to remember this a while back from and update but wondering if there is still a limit or was it removed ? ---- It is now impossible to collect units from military buildings if a player has more than 2000 units in the army pool. It is still possible to get units from quests, even when...
  5. Estipar

    Teutonic Knights Recruiting.. Fel Dranghyr

    Hi all, Teutonic Knights are recruiting. It is a very low-maintenance guild with no formal rules or requirements. I would encourage members to polish/motivate back and forth when they can, trade with each other and to help level-up GB's whenever possible. We cooperate whenever we can, but...
  6. Estipar

    Private Trading the #2 Guild on Fel Dranghyr is now recruiting for new members!

    Private Trading the #1 Guild on Fel Dranghyr is now recruiting for new members! Private Trading the #1 Guild on Fel Dranghyr is now activly recruiting for new members! We're an experienced and helpful Guild including 'Fair' trading, daily polish/motivation runs, Great Building Groups and...