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Search results

  1. Zeratul 2.0

    Player Bewildered Zeratul

    Goodbeye FOE! Goodbye INNO! Most importantly, Goodbye Playmates! Love you! BUt I'm leeting you go! Figuratively, goodbye world! See you in another real world! The real world is a simulation, too! There are many real worlds! This particular real world is collapsing! Collapse... I always feel...
  2. Zeratul 2.0

    Finally left the game because of toxic community

    As a wise man in the future will once have said, "'awakening' is something only you can understand." "Goodbye forever" AND "TTYL" because we will meet again, in some shape or form... And now... Group therapy is in session! First of all a warning: The practitioner is not certified and has no...
  3. Zeratul 2.0

    Forge Bowl 2021 questions and non feedback comments

    One day, I won an Altar Garden selection kit, and Another day, I won an Olympic Treasury selection kit, Both exactly what I need to upgrade the respective buildings fully, Which were one level short of reaching the maximum.
  4. Zeratul 2.0


    Hunting gone wrong Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He’s not breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy whips out his cell phone and calls 911. “I think my friend is dead!” he yells. “What can I do?” The operator says, “Calm down. First, let’s make sure he’s...
  5. Zeratul 2.0

    Cultural Settlements - Aztecs Feedback

    Any tips on playing the minesweeper (Reversed Version) mini game? At first, I played it like a regular minesweeper and avoided the "mines". After I realized the mistake and played it correctly, there is not much difference. I still get few rewards, most of the time, depending on luck.
  6. Zeratul 2.0

    Problems with game speed after recent update.

    The game is super slow from about 13 o'clock to 16 o'clock server time and is fine during the other hours, every day, like traffic jam during peak hours.
  7. Zeratul 2.0

    I have reached my cognitive limit the game has become too difficult for me

    I have reached my cognitive limit. The game has become too difficult for me, in later ages (Tomorrow, and the Futures (Future, Arctic Future, Oceanic Future, Virtual Future...) And the city (size) has grown too big for me to manage to my own satisfaction. So my question is what pill should I...
  8. Zeratul 2.0

    jaims i'm sadly coming to start a battle town... No nego allowed

    This is a GREAT video but, like, one in a million people on the earth can grasp its significance, for reasons that I cannot tell like, heaven forbid... And I quote "Few are worthy to stand before its presence; fewer still can understand its true purpose" -- sourced a certain Blizzard game...
  9. Zeratul 2.0

    Arctic Future Story Quest Roadmap

    The following is a flow chart of all the Arctic Future story quests indicating which quest leading to which quest on which condition, and what are the rewards for each quest. Question: Is it (the chart) useful? Answer: Probably not. Question: Then why am I sharing it? Answer: Because I have put...
  10. Zeratul 2.0

    Youtube Video Content

    I watched the video, and learned new things, that the "arrows are super big and really ugly"8-)
  11. Zeratul 2.0

    Where are my, "promethium", stored if I took Arctic Future provinces while in an early age

    I'm in "Tomorrow" age and have progressed two ages ahead on the c-map to Arctic Future, and received some "purple crystals" when conquering a province. And I learned from a "3rd party wiki" :P that these purple crystals are "promethium". These [ores] are rewarded but I can't find them anywhere...
  12. Zeratul 2.0

    What's the worst GB

    I deleted Royal Albert Hall because of lack of space But right now I have extra space left unused temporarily I think I should have kept Royal Albert Hall, it has great potential that many do not realize...
  13. Zeratul 2.0

    Player Bewildered Zeratul

    -== I got a diamond production building just as I wished ==- In a daily challenge a few days ago, I got a Drone Factory. The Drone Factory looks big and new, and because I haven't researched the corresponding technology yet, I thought it was a diamond building. Only after I tried hard and made...
  14. Zeratul 2.0

    Halloween 2020 Feedback

    Touche! Or Cliche... Or both.
  15. Zeratul 2.0

    Halloween 2020 Feedback

    The matter is then satisfactorily settled. And we the people are not going to dive deep, yet again, into the randomness-ness hole/pool.
  16. Zeratul 2.0

    Halloween 2020 Feedback

    I believe it will, too. After the filtration, thickening, scrubbing, scavenging... (kidding, nothing to do with ore) process, my core question is refined and stands out -- Why am I only getting ordinary toys? Is it because in early days of the event, only ordinary toys appear? And the rare ones...
  17. Zeratul 2.0

    Halloween 2020 Feedback

    My post that you replied to, is incoherent. Therefore I don't think we are talking about the same thing. Unless... Unless there is a correlation between rushing and distribution of the 8 toy side quests? Asylum kits are the daily special on Day 1. So there is nothing wrong about rushing the...
  18. Zeratul 2.0

    Halloween 2020 Feedback

    I found (and completed) the ordinary toys (in the first row) many times (3-7-7-3 times) But none of the rare toys (in the second row) ever show up (except for the last one, the "psycho monkey", which appeared once) So the chance to collect and complete all 8 toys is slim... ...Even though I...
  19. Zeratul 2.0

    units in HMA

    Best guide that describes the earliest point possible in the game to obtain "Double Loop" and Advanced Units: https://meowthsite.wordpress.com/2017/03/18/19/ This blog seems abandoned, no longer maintained, and does not even have a title (it has a template title not modified)... which are the...
  20. Zeratul 2.0

    units in HMA

    Defence army is just there to scare off *some* intruders, not *all* of them Because statistically there are more attack boost buildings in the game than defence boost ones Therefore (advanced age units aside), fast units are preferred as defence. Fast units move first, and kill off *some* of the...