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Search results

  1. RichinZhills

    Battle Multiple Army Selection Tabs

    Proposal: Add two additional Army selection tabs to the Army Management Screen. Reason: More efficient game flow. By having three different armies configured, a player could choose which one was the most efficient against the enemy army. It would also speed up combat by saving up to 16 clicks...
  2. RichinZhills

    Do Not Suggest: Upgrade Event Hub

    Have more synergy for completed event buildings instead of just a week's reward. For each event completed or Event building that has upgrades applied, have the Even Hub gain a military bonus as a reward when those buildings are active. So if a player completes the upcoming Fall event, maybe...
  3. RichinZhills


    Although not a bug, the Nubians do nothing in their practice yard. Since these guys are the main staple in a lot of Egyptian guides, they should be practicing. Maybe due to their footprint, it's hard, but certainly, two arrows could arc high and deep to hit targets and one guy could run back...
  4. RichinZhills

    Player Response Thread for A Viking in Egypt

    That's really me on the Skywalk at Sky Tower in Auckland, NZ. I also did the BridgeClimb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as the Skywalk on the Sydney Tower. I worked for the Cruise Lines, so yes, I have spanned this World as well as FoE's. I'm hoping that what I post helps you out past a...
  5. RichinZhills

    Player A Viking in Egypt - Spanning the Worlds

    Hello and thanks for stopping by. I started playing FOE about the same time Covid broke out. Gameplay was on the slowside, so I ended up adding a few more worlds. Now up to 12 worlds on the EN server and just joined the Beta server for advanced event experience. A lot of guilds require you...
  6. RichinZhills

    Donating fp's to a neighbors GB & Neighborhood change

    Every so often I see a player marked (deleted) on a GB. Is this a player that has quit or possibly kicked due to a violation? Or is that what happens when you donate fp's to a neighbors GB and the neighborhood changes? Can you continue to post fp's to a GB that was in your neighborhood, but...
  7. RichinZhills

    Cold: Adding Player's Age to the Global Ranking screen

    Proposal: Add a Player's Age column to the Global Ranking with a grouping option according to that Age. Reason: With the neighborhoods being balanced according to Age, access to bp's when aiding neighbors is fairly limited to your age or below. Adding friends from the neighborhood are also...