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Search results

  1. War Lord - the

    Unformatted: Type size &/or characters color needs to be able to change by user

    Currently I find it very difficult to see what I'm typing in the Guild Message Centre window with it's light brown background & it's slightly darker type color, a player needs to be able to change either the inputted character color to black or even better still be able able to change the type...
  2. War Lord - the

    Sundial Issue

    I purchased a "Sundial" from the Antiques Dealer & it successfully placed it into my Inventory, however when I go to the "use it" option & choose to "use it" it sends me to the "Build option" (bottom left of my PC screen) but I can't find it there to "literally" build it! Can someone please...
  3. War Lord - the

    Friends outgoing?

    I just did a search in FoE Wiki & can't find what "friends outgoing" means - please enlighten me. I'm also being given the option to "cancel"?
  4. War Lord - the

    My "Friends Tavern" recent visits

    I'd like to thank all my friends for helping me win the Daily challenge for "Forge Points" - please continue to visit!my "Friends Tavern" & I'll visit yours daily if time permits!
  5. War Lord - the

    My City view size

    I've noticed when I first enter a new era my city gives me a "reduced view" which is great when one's city becomes quite large - but alas my city soon returns to a close up view not long after. Is there a way of "toggling" or similar between these 2 different size views?
  6. War Lord - the

    FoE Event History question

    Is there any other way of accessing the "FoE Event History" other than using a page refresh? If there is another way, it certainly isn't easy to find!
  7. War Lord - the

    FoE is on Twitter

    I just followed FoE on Twitter (I don't use Facebook anymore for privacy concerns).
  8. War Lord - the

    Chain of Command question

    How does one rise in the "Chain of Command" from a Private? I've won 28 battles so far, but is it about "winning battles" or something else?
  9. War Lord - the

    Give a player the ability to unmake a Paved Road, Path or Trail

    I'm almost sure we've all done it, that is built a paved road, path or trail & later realized that it was a mistake! As a "newbie" to "Forge of Empires", yes I've done it a couple of times due to my physical disability (not that the latter is an excuse). I've attached a section of my City where...