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Search results

  1. atroxpaulsen

    New Bug: Unable to "collect all" with diamonds after last update (desktop)

    When I use 5 diamonds to collect everything now, it hangs, goes to "an internal error occured" and reloads withouth collecting. This happens constantly after latest update. I can only collect manually.
  2. atroxpaulsen

    Unformatted: Show only roads and unused areas (hide buildings)

    When your city is big, seeing free squares or incidents between buildings etc. is impossible. I wish there would come a way to hide buildings to only show roads and unused space.
  3. atroxpaulsen

    Challenges involving more than 30 friends taverns are useless and unbalanced

    Since there's a cap on amount of friends, and there is no kind of "auto empty" in taverns, challenges where you have to "visit 45" friends taverns are impossible to finish. You should reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally cap these demands or remove the max amount of friends limit.
  4. atroxpaulsen

    Fixed: Minor bug: Negative population count after upgrading event building.

    When I upgraded the Mill of fall, I saw that my population showed a negative number, probably because when upgrading, the building is briefly removed, then re-built. After refresh the counter shows the correct number. Very minor thing, but still a thing. After upgrade: After refresh: Edit...
  5. atroxpaulsen

    Forwarded: Revamp the messaging system.

    The "new" messaging system is, in my opinion, totally UNgeneered. The old system was far more effective than the new one, in terms of click count. I miss the following features: Possibility to select/delete/mark as read > all messages Maybe a checkbox on each msg and a bulk action drop list...