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Search results

  1. Nguyenrv09

    Moving to LMA

    Hi there, I'm planning to move up to LMA soon. I've got 3million coin and supplies with around 500 HMA goods each and 100 of each LMA good. My attack and defence boost are 67/69 and I have a few GBs: Zeus, Babel, Aachen, Alexandria, Delphi, Galata, Hagia Sophia. I've got 8 prints for the Castel...
  2. Nguyenrv09


    Hi all, In my city, I have 4 confectionaries, 2 large confectionaries and a huge confectionary. Their production is insane and matches production buildings 3 eras above my age. I also noticed that other people do not have confectionaries even though they turn up quite often in my antique...
  3. Nguyenrv09

    HMA buffs for military units

    Hi there, I just joined the forum for tips and I am currently in the High Middle Ages with buffs of 67/69. I am scouting the LMA map and there is a Mount Killmore province that has 15% attack and defence bonus. My troops do not match that so should I wait to level up my Zeus and Aachen as well...