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Search results

  1. Files in android

    Hi if anyone knows where can I find files of foe in android. Please let me know
  2. My dear friend of forum has been lost

    It's been months. He actually didn't shown fully. Hoping he's well. Please my friend come back. Its fun while arguing with you but only if it's totally right from both sides. So please mail me personally we will argue whole day If anyone know where he gone Please pm me Thank you
  3. Browser version in phone

    Please devs make it which even don't have no pc features and some app too. Some will consider it waste. But who are not able to login to app but can use Browser will be best. And i personally have need of it this month.
  4. Few questions with my answers

    Why can't we have aid all and sit all in tavern button? Because they don't any good thing where we are supposed to spend time on game Why can't we get more information regarding investment? Actually I don't want to answer Why can't we have calculator feature for investment and bagged fps...
  5. Emojis in forums thread

    Hi Today I tried to put some emojis from keyboard as emojis in forum are so less Can it be please changed so that we can use all even from our own keyboard
  6. Searching for a trade tool or site where I can set my own trade ratios

    Searching for a trade tool or site where I can set my own trade ratios. When we want to know how much goods we will get by trading at certain ratio
  7. Foe assistant

    If anyone knows what does cost mean in this photo please let me know
  8. Forwarded: A place where we can see our rewards earned today

    Proposal: A place where we can see the rewards earned atleast of 1 day Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? Yes can't find any Reason : If we know amount of fps or any other rewards...
  9. Getting bored so let's discuss about how cf is op gb

    Please give your reasons why do you think high level cf is overpowered
  10. New era saab

    Do anyone know when Saab will release today
  11. A calculator feature

    The place where we see the fps we invested on other gbs Small players like to know how fps they have invested and how much they will get back. So for it they need to do manual calculations. So what if at the top it shows no. of fps invested and no. of fps to back. It is kind of help to know...
  12. Rewards based upon percentage

    As I experienced many times I get 50 diamonds in one of every 8 expedition(whereas it should be 50 in every atleast) by completing level 4 I didn't got a single reward in last 4 days from level 5 hc (whereas it should be 1 per 2 days) I get 1 relic per 16 encounters with level 5 temple of...
  13. Bonus questline

    Is there any bonus questline after you get complete the industrial ages bonus questline
  14. Building

    Can i get higher era building while staying in lower era
  15. Fan made wikki

    As everyone knows there's many wrong information on fanmade wikki So i hope if possible devs either correct it or put a note below saying it's wrong
  16. Advanced era units in lma

    I am in lma and so far gotten colonial era units so do anyone know if i can get another
  17. Not a Bug: Gbg

    Sometimes gbg when i go to negotiate it laggs alot which consumes more time
  18. Quests in lma

    I am in lma I have 2 questline one of side and other of story So how can I get recurring quest