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Search results

  1. Event Spring Event 2021 Feedback

    1. I did read the update announcement, but it simply didn't occur to me that THAT is what it was about. 2. Having an extensive background in IT (some of that in UX design), I would never in a million years figure out that THAT is what these lock icons are supposed to do. And, as you say so...
  2. Event Spring Event 2021 Feedback

    Can't complain much about this one (being a new-ish player in the Modern Era currently), although if it wasn't for the previous event's boost package that got me an extra Selection Kit, I wouldn't be able to fully upgrade the Mill with just the quest rewards and frog jumps (even though I mostly...
  3. Update 1.201 Feedback

    Holy crackers!! This tip has just made my day. Thanks SO much.
  4. Update 1.201 Feedback

    Yeah, it's pretty in a bells-and-whistles kind of way, but when you need to do a lot of 15-minute productions in ~30 buildings, pausing between each press of the "Produce" button gets old real quick. The mobile app (for all its shortcomings) doesn't have this effect at all.
  5. Update 1.201 Feedback

    Thanks! And could you also please remove the scrolling effect between the Production Menu windows? Pretty please?
  6. Update to 1.200 - Feedback

    Ah, finally the zoom issue will be gone! I can't even express how much it was bugging me. If you guys could get rid of scrolling between the production building windows as well in that window, that would be fantastic - mobile version doesn't have it, and it's awesome.
  7. St. Patrick's Event 2021 Feedback!

    I quite like the event, actually. I'm fairly new to the game (Winter Bakery was my first event, and I blew it because I didn't know how to do it properly), and St Paddy's is much more engaging and fun compared to Super Bowl. If you skip some expensive tasks, such as levelling some managers to 3...