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Search results

  1. totally unfair

    its not a challenge, its an impossible quest against unfair odds. I should have the same abilities with the same soldiers as my opponent
  2. totally unfair

    I know that, but I couldn't even get to the mountains in 1 turn.
  3. totally unfair

    some of these battles so completely unfair and one-sided (or rigged). I just had a continent battle, and the game restricted my riflemen and Jaeger to move only 3 spaces at a time in any direction, whereas the opponent could move his 6. I had better attact/def ratings (67%/37%) compared to...
  4. stealth

    how do you have Rangers and Jaeger go stealth?
  5. founder-less guild

    checked the guild members listing page, and no one has little crowns by their name.
  6. founder-less guild

    sounds good, but what does "highest rights" mean, and when did the 30 days period start? 2 of our highest ranked players are new to this guild (I am one, and we both came from the same un-active guild). Would we be ineligable for the reassigned rights because we're new here, even though we are...
  7. founder-less guild

    and don't know when the 60 days are up, because don't know when the founder was eliminated.
  8. founder-less guild

    So you're saying we can not stay in this one and designate new leader(s)? I've already tried a few other guilds, and this one is more active, and we like the group we have. Would much rather have new leaders and keep here. We have invested a lot of goods to the guild and can move up in the...
  9. founder-less guild

    but how do I find out who the founder is or was? No member of the guild has any rights to make changes.
  10. founder-less guild

    I am in a guild (retired old guy) in Fel Dranghyr, and we can not raise our guild level, only the founder can. But as far a we can find out, there is no founder for our guild. What can we do to upgrade our playing level and/or designate a new member to control the guild?