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Search results

  1. Do Not Suggest: Rearrange the level classification on PvP arena

    A lot of players put in a 'joke' defense, like a single Rogue or Iron age troops. I wonder how your system would cope with those. Otherwise I like the concept of such idea.
  2. In-game achievements

    I always found that strange. Why am I in my own friendlist? I don't even like myself... I so want to kick me out.
  3. General conversation

    Please read the posts above yours.
  4. PvP

    Possibly because most players are boycotting the PvP-tower.
  5. founder-less guild

    Two Guilds can NOT merge. One of the Guilds have to be disbanded and all the members have to join the other Guild. But yes...A founder can step down but he has to give another member Founder status before he steps down.
  6. Leave All Button

    Been there, done that! I feel for you...
  7. Noblesse Oblige wants to get bigger

    Gail.P Look at the date of the offer. It's close to 4 years old and is posted by a deleted user.
  8. New Bug: Statue of Honor/RTV Bug

    My vineyard is suddenly 12 hours behind the rest of my city. Hush now... but I believe it gave me 2 x yield within 12 hours.
  9. Not a Bug: Issue with "Gain Happiness" Story quest

    You only have one Memorial decoration in your city. You need to build a second one.
  10. Trading past High Middle Ages Seems Difficult

    #1) Search for players from your own age/era and and above, ask for friendships. That should make trades feel a lot better. #2) Find a guild with as many members from your age and the next age as possible, and ask to join. If no goods of your needs are available, you are in the wrong Guild and...
  11. New Bug: Can't find friend in the same world.

    Are you sure, both of you are playing on the same Server. Different servers share the same World-names, but are not connected. Make sure both of you are playing on the .en server.
  12. Mars Ore Requirement For SAAB Research

    The current FoE rate for goods one tier up is about 60 diamonds for 10 goods.
  13. Problem

    Click on the "Golden Cup" in the top left corner. There you can search for Guilds and Players.
  14. Soccer Cup 2021 - Feedback

    You're right... I think that's a goof from the devs. As I recall, Guild-membership is not mandatory for the game-play, and the devs once said that there would never be any Guild-specific quests without an optional quest.
  15. Soccer Cup 2021 - Feedback

    There's always an alternative quest along with guild-quests. What quest are you at?
  16. What does the up arrow mean

    Everybody with "arrows" are players in your neighborhood. Everybody with shields are players in your guild. You are in your own neighborhood and in your own Guild, thus you have both symbols at your name.
  17. Closed June Soccer Contest

    The answer is 16 (sixteen) 10 from the bottle, 5 from the ball and 1 from the single card.
  18. item missing on my laptop screen

    You have to have researched "Thatched Houses", in the Bronze-age, before you can see your neighbours.
  19. New Bug: Short three units in army

    Maybe in your city-defense or your pvp-defense.