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  1. Identify Event Surprise Boxes

    OK- thanks everyone. You've helped me find the answers I needed. It's a shame that Customer Support didn't mention mobile devices when it was raised with them, and their suggestion to raise it as a proposal on the forum wasn't helpful either. But you've all sorted it out for me now. Many thanks.
  2. Identify Event Surprise Boxes

    Thanks Knight of ICE. Can I ask what browser you're using? I can't see the contents using Firefox or Chrome on a Windows 10 (fully upgraded) PC. (I don't want to open them before I have laid down the initial building).
  3. Identify Event Surprise Boxes

    If you have a few in your inventory, you can't tell which rewards they contain. Good to know it's visible on the mobile app though
  4. Identify Event Surprise Boxes

    Proposal withdrawn -thanks for all the help
  5. Keep count of Friend Invites sent

    I agree that we should chose our friends wisely, but currently I can't 'chose' a new 'Friend' without deleting 61 others to have an invite available. Sadly, the players that are likely to get removed are the small players who don't have GBs for me to add to that would give me precious BPs...
  6. Keep count of Friend Invites sent

    As I understand it, there is a good reason for receiving Friend Requests from other players. This especially helps new players, as they can send Friend requests to more established players. i wouldn't want this feature to be lost. If there was a separate 'tally' for 80 requests sent, it would...
  7. Keep count of Friend Invites sent

    This was my initial thought too, but the feedback I got from an earlier Comments thread seemed to show that Inno wanted to make sure that the Friend's list was open to new players, as well as those that accumulated over time for more established players. If there are good reasons for having 80...
  8. Add Friends

    I've started a new thread in the Ideas Forum. Please drop by and support it, so we can try to get this implemented. Thanks :)
  9. Keep count of Friend Invites sent

    Keeping count of the number of Friend Invites sent would help players to manage their Friends list more effectively. Currently players can issue 80 friend invites, and accept 60 from other players. This gives an active list of 140 Friends. But if a player wishes to remove a Friend that they...
  10. Add Friends

    That's the flaw with the current system. i have no objections to helping smaller players get a full Friends list, but I have to drop them all again in order to invite someone new to my Friends list. In my case, I wanted to add a Guild member who was visiting another guild for a short while...
  11. Add Friends

    This would make a lot of sense. I would like to be able to manage my 80 Friend invites without having to remove the 60 players that have asked to Friend me.
  12. Add Friends

    Sadly, the current system will probably lead me to stop accepting friend requests from lower age players, as they seem the most prone to going inactive. I already consider requests from low era players very carefully to see if they have started building GBs and if they have upgraded their...
  13. Add Friends

    Changing the total number of friends won't have an adverse affect on that though. In fact the current system could lead to clusters if players decide to only keep a friend's list of 80 so they can easily remove one/add one. It's the option that I'm considering. If I have to delete 61 friends...
  14. Add Friends

    How do we persuade the Dev's that it would be simple to make the total number of Friends the same as the number of invited/accepted friends, so we can just delete one to add a new one?
  15. Add Friends

    The problem is that in order add any new friends, you need to delete enough to take your list down to below 80. I agree that having an indicator that shows when anyone on the Friend list has become inactive would help, or a way of finding out easily who has been visiting my tavern or Aiding...
  16. Add Friends

    A positive attitude - which I like. It seems harsh though to have to delete 61 friends in order to add 1 new friend. And with a few quests and daily tasks now setting targets for collecting tavern silver, it seems like the 'Add Friend' is an option with limited benefit for anyone other than...
  17. Add Friends

    Is anyone else frustrated by not being able to invite a new Friend without deleting enough friends to be below 80 in total? I have 140 friends in my list, which is a mixture of my 80 invited friends and 60 invites that I have accepted. I don't want to delete over 60 before I can issue a new...