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Search results

  1. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    This is precisly what i mean, i know of the top 10 on my server what does this, take over all within half hour (or faster) an no chance that round if you bumped to diamond when you are a smaller guild. And yes, they shuold be al in an higher league or something, that would be an sollution. The...
  2. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    What would the end goal be diffrent from max CAP conquering sectors a round?
  3. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    I agree it would be a patch and not a fix, but for now you have an working (chooseble) alternatieve till the matters will be overhauled‍♂️
  4. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    There is no switch were a leader can choose a league they want to be in or what not, now when you reach X amount LP you go to next league with out any concense
  5. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    Well thank you for your explaination, that more understandable! And yes we are bouncing around for a year! And some in diamond league are playing nice and fair, but you have like 10 guild on me server who are just taking everything with in an hour and just kicking you every 4h, so that is what...
  6. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    Now you say it right, but if a guild take that away by take all sectors in a wink of an eye, its just f*cked up. Like i said, i am not the only one who think like this but many many many more. And i didnt say smaller or bigger, just stronger in a David vs Golliath situation what happens a lot
  7. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    Top 10 over rule always bye taking all, just play fair and allow other to just play GbG also, we are to good to me in platium league and to bad to be in diamond league. Thats just to short headed dont you think! And all would stay the same for the strong guild becourse they would still will...
  8. Unformatted: GbG adjustment

    Proposal CAP max sectors of conquering Reason To give smaller guilds a fighting chance when strong guilds are hatefully crushing anyone and everyone! Details Set max CAP on 50% of all sectors, that way you will keep more ppl motivated to stay doing GbG. How it now goos with high ranked guild...