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Search results

  1. Player SL's Oceanic Future Map Progress

    yeah AAVs will take out useless TE units lol,thats why i said just pass through TE no need to get anything,next barracks should be hovers in FE
  2. Player SL's Oceanic Future Map Progress

    we are all on same server here i do Rugnir world,i never use goods for GE/GBG,you get loop quests all the way up the eras,i'm in SAAB i dont need any goods myself i get them for tiny-tots in guild for free(GB building) TE goods are not much use FE goods would probably sell better on open...
  3. Player SL's Oceanic Future Map Progress

    lol,imo TE is an era you just pass through quick nothing is any good"nothing",get to FE go straight to hovers and get used to auto button
  4. Player SL's Oceanic Future Map Progress

    if you have a high att/def bonus hovers would probably do OF map,if you have a low att/def bonus wait till your in OF era get Eel barracks in,a line up of 8 Eels(no rogs)game will give you first strike with all 8 Eels,you should take out at least 4enemy before they get their go,its knowing which...
  5. GvG one-man ghost guilds

    this is probably the best fun in the game,,,,,,,,,,,do the guilds with 20/30/40+ players and only one peep who can do gvg fit in also?
  6. Update to 1.197 Feedback

    no help here so have sent a ticket in about guild rankings it was ok before this update,we are several levels higher than guilds around us were we are now and for starters have 16 AA sectors on gvg
  7. Update to 1.197 Feedback

    on PC windows,page zooming in when collecting/setting productions(same as reported bug on that thread) which someone has locked,i do 6 sledge builders at a time then do a quest then do another 6 and so on,adjusting zoom each time is useless
  8. Update to 1.197 Feedback

    name change is a good idea but needs restricting to once a year or something
  9. PvP Arena Feedback

    i think the idea is good but needs more development,the log needs improving a lot the old pvp tower is a waste of space imo,i dont bother with it only prize is a tiny tot amount of medals
  10. Increase the # LZ's in GVG

    mapwatchers have no brains they are like zombies and have to be told wot to do lol
  11. General conversation

    hurry up and fix message board not flashing bug
  12. New Content Space Age - Asteroid Belt feedback

    fights not showing up in pvp tower?
  13. 1 drummer + rogues beats SAM warden + rogues - HOW

    it shows how stupid AI is for that reason you want 2units+6rog on auto
  14. General conversation

    if anyone can remember i put a complaint on somewhere about deadwood in my town,old dead trees or parts of them,i see theyve had a gardener come in and revamp the terrain around town ect,looks good and old dead wood has gone 8-),,,,,,,,,,if i'd of had maybe 10rhs to spare would have put this in...
  15. Spoiler Space Age: Asteroid Belt...to be released on [SPOILER]?

    i did read it,i just say hurry up to annoy some peeps,,,,,,,hurry up
  16. Leveling other players GBs

    just level mine anytime you want everyones welcome

    this guild is now dissolved