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Search results

  1. hawknz

    Cultural Settlements - Mughal Empire

    Dear Kings & Queens, We are proud to present you our brand new Cultural Settlement: Mughal Empire! This is the fifth of our Cultural Settlements, and your job is to help Akbar the great, to build a beautiful and flourishing city in his empire! Can you build the greatest city in the entire...
  2. hawknz

    Cultural Settlement - Mughal Empire - Feedback

    Please place feedback here about the latest cultural settlement - full details on this can be found here
  3. hawknz

    New Bug: GE guild ranking not visible

    This should be fixed now, please check your respective App store for a game update.
  4. hawknz

    New Bug: Internal server error on military building

    Thankyou, we are aware of this and it should be fixed in a coming update.
  5. hawknz

    New Bug: Shows "Tavern full" when it's not.

    Thanks everyone, we are aware of this and hope to have it fixed soon.
  6. hawknz

    New Bug: Armies depleted when they are not

    Thanks everyone, we are aware of this issue and hope to have it fixed in a coming update, sorry for the troubles.
  7. hawknz

    New Bug: Build menu broken?

    is this still occuring?
  8. hawknz

    New Bug: Person who just joined our guild shows as having a score of zero

    This should resolve itself within a few hours of joining. Thanks for letting us know.
  9. hawknz

    New Bug: Cannot dismiss negotiation in feudal japan settlement

    Could you contact us via Support link below if this is still occuring? Thanks
  10. hawknz

    New Bug: GBG slow on mobile after a few fights

    Please contact Support on the link below and we can take a look at your account.
  11. hawknz

    New Bug: Attack

    Can you provide some more detail, and screenshots of what your seeing? Thanks
  12. hawknz

    New Bug: Incident reappears somewhere else when collected.

    Thankyou, we are aware of this issue and are working to get it resolved.
  13. hawknz

    New Bug: Shows "Tavern full" when it's not.

    Could you contact us at support so we can discuss this with you? Thanks.
  14. hawknz

    New Bug: Incidents not collecting

    Thankyou, we are aware of this issue and are working to get it resolved.
  15. hawknz

    Update Update to 1.208 Feedback

    Thankyou, yes we are aware of this.
  16. hawknz

    Event Hub Feedback

    Please place your feedback below, the full details can be found here
  17. hawknz

    The Event Hub

    Dear Kings and Queens, Ever wanted one place to keep track of all your progress in different Events in Forge? As well as win additional prizes for completing quests within an Event? Well you are in luck! Starting on June 2nd, we will be introducing the Event Hub into Forge of Empires! The...
  18. hawknz

    Soccer Cup 2021

    Dear Kings and Queens, The Soccer Cup is back for 2021, and Coach Miller needs your help to lead her team to victory! Starting from June 3rd, the tournament will begin. Does your team have what it takes? Do your best, and win some awesome prizes along the way! - Base Mechanics - On the...
  19. hawknz

    Soccer Cup 2021 - Feedback

    Please post feedback in relation to the Soccer Cup 2021 below, click here to see the full announcement
  20. hawknz

    New Bug: Set in stone achievement badge

    Thankyou We are aware of this problem with the achievement and we hope it will be fixed in a coming update.