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Search results

  1. eon1299

    Spoiler Upcoming significant nerf ro Recurring Quests

    I found one upside to this change. For people with bad ping, it evens out the playfield on RQ aborts. After the change, my speed of doing RQs didn't slow down at all. It was the same slow before... As for the message above, @Ariana Erosaire its impossible to do more than 10 fights per minute...
  2. eon1299

    Mods vs. Non-Mods

  3. eon1299

    Mods vs. Non-Mods

  4. eon1299

    Best Guild?

    If the guild tick every single box listed, its the best guild in my view :)
  5. eon1299

    Best Guild?

    It depends. What if person is looking for casual-ish guild? Then number one not gonna fit the purpose most likely
  6. eon1299

    Event Winter Event 2019

    Yes, i know many people who did same mistake because the only way to tell cars appart on mobile is by looking at trees around car
  7. eon1299

    Riddles - Week 2 - December

    1 - Colossus 2 - I dont know :( Rotunda? Just a wild guess 3 - Hagia Sophia 4 - Rogue 5 - The Spice Trader
  8. eon1299

    Event Winter Event 2019

    @nloki those prizes in reindeer collection are mostly pure garbage, you are not loosing anything by not getting them. I also disagree with the new event feature of reindeers and the best way to show you disagree - ignore it :)
  9. eon1299

    Already Suggested: Delete Siege Option on GbG

    +1, having ability to remove sieges will make GbG more organised.
  10. eon1299

    New Content Guild Battlegrounds

    As far as i know it doesnt, so 3 attempts no matter what
  11. eon1299

    Update Update to 1.165

    This is awesome guys! Inno, you have done a great job releasing GbG and such an amazing update on the same week!!!
  12. eon1299

    en11 Discord server

    Top message updated. Give it a try people
  13. eon1299

    en11 Discord server

    Hello en11 players. I'd like to invite you to FOE Langendorn Discord server. Come join to find new friends, guilds, players to swap Forge Points or Goods with, get an advice from experienced players or just chit-chat. If you never heard of Discord before, it's a messaging app that can be accesed...
  14. eon1299

    Viking and upcoming Egypt settlements rewards system. -

    I must admit, i strongly regret not going the 25 fp loop way since settlements came out. Now i am on my 8th settlement, all previous ones i have finished with top rewards and cant really stop it here untill Yggdrasil is max level. But man, it's such a chore, i think i even started to login less...
  15. eon1299

    Fighting in GE in CE

    Try searching youtube video from FOEHints about lvl4 GE in CE. He is explaining in details how to do it. In short: Anti Aircraft vehicles + rogues almost always When you see 4+ artillery, use 8 attack helicopters instead of anti-aircraft vehicles and rogues. Platform before the final battle of...
  16. eon1299

    New member

  17. eon1299

    City Planning Service

    Just like that http://prntscr.com/ms2ouv
  18. eon1299

    City Planning Service

    @Topher the Terrible thank you very much, will try it on. Another little tip i have discovered myself recently. You can place all buildings outside of city limits in the planner. Just drag and drop it far away from the map. Kinda helps to rearrange and you dont have to open fake expansions.
  19. eon1299

    Most favorite and most hated event

    1. Events that are like football or forge bowl (same mechanic). Why? Because it is straight forward in terms of what you get as a special prize and grand prize and you dont have neighbors to take into equation. 2. I dont have hated event. I know most people will put current event here. But i...
  20. eon1299

    viking prises

    Oh i didnt know that.Religion and entertainment huh. :) Ok, maybe war will follow