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Search results

  1. StarLoad

    Spoiler 2021 WILDLIFE EVENT

    Hello! new event just started in beta, i have been exploring the event and found a lot of data of it. the pictures are all taken by me. this event is a new sort of event, partly like candy crush saga, and also partly like the mine game on aztec settlement. you do a minigame to get rewards and...
  2. StarLoad

    Spoiler 2021 soccer event

    Same as always...soccer event new building is 5X4, gives 10 fp and boosts for both defense. 25 goods. if any questions, let me know
  3. StarLoad

    Spoiler Event Hub

    Event hub just released in beta, seems like a place where you can get infos on events and have additional boosts its an off grid building and appears on the far west side of the city
  4. StarLoad

    How strong is your attack boost

    hi, i posted this thread to share people's attack boost information. i've wondered how players have how much attack boosts. so i would like to ask how is your attack boost(attack boost for attack n defense both) and how is your city's era and ranking point so we can find out how average attack...
  5. StarLoad

    2021 archaeology event

    Hi, archaeology event started in beta. will post some information on this event
  6. StarLoad

    Space Age Venus spoiler buildings, units etc

    Space age venus information came in beta. These are things released by foe developers original post by beelzebob666 | Forge of Empires Forum
  7. StarLoad

    2021 spring event

    i have a account in beta and got to see it started yesterday. Nice event i think Feedback - Spring Event 2021 Feeback | Forge of Empires Forum
  8. StarLoad

    How can i know of ranking points on GBs over LV 80?

    hello, this is FOE official WIKI i got to see in FOE wiki i can see how many ranking points it will give when i level a GB, i can see its very useful and helpful info. But i can see it ends from lv 80, can FOE add more information on gb's level increase on ranking point? These days many players...
  9. StarLoad

    AI army retreated??????

    Hi, i was busy yesterday, so im posting this today. Yesterday, when gbg was ending, i was fighting with attriction 52. manual battle, The opponent was a gbg AI, but suddenly it said it was retreated, "opponent retreated". How can this happen?
  10. StarLoad

    Buildings NOT appearing when i plunder

    I plunder my hood a lot, and sometimes as i go plundering 1 player to another, sometimes the building doesnt appear. I can see their names, but i cant see the shape. Its so hard to plunder and hard to see... This problem only happened when i played in PC This thing doesnt change even i wait for...
  11. StarLoad


    Previous information was deleted however from now new journal starts
  12. StarLoad

    Unformatted: Can we let players post FOE related links please?

    I got to know that when i try to help my friend to links like FOE GB investment, FOE wiki(foe's official wiki), FOE forum, it sends like this Attention! This message was marked by Forge of Empires as spam. We advise caution should you proceed to read it. Now im trying to help my friend in...
  13. StarLoad

    Is it available to make more journals in forum?

    Hello, i have a question. I can see a journal's name cannot be changed, and if i want to create a new topic on my FOE journel, is it ok to make more threads?
  14. StarLoad

    Player SL's Oceanic Future Map Progress

    Hello, im lil, my main world and highest era world is korch. Era is Tomorrow Era but i have troops from OF map. I will show my progress on my OF map. Im atm 22M point player. I have finished FE, AF, and OF part 1 2 map with TE units(usually used 8 combat drones) Currently working on OF part 3...