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Search results

  1. Goremise

    Diamond GBG in Sinerania 28/05/2020

    How good was that stalemate! Four colours, Four Flags, such coordination, much wow! Honestly I feel on a different level then I used to be when these threads used to be posted. Much more relaxed approach and just having fun. Why play a game if you are not having fun when playing it? World...
  2. Goremise

    Terrain Titans Recruiting!

    Terrain Titans is recruiting! Terrain Titans is looking for active members to join our guild, this ranges from Bronze age all the way up! (but does not include once a day log in diamond farm cities). We are a level 34 guild, offering 4fp increase from your town hall, 8% cheaper buildings and...
  3. Goremise

    Round 6 (GBG Recap)

    Round 6 Sinerania Guild Battleground Welcome to the Round Six recap thread for the top end Sinerania GBG! It all started Great, all five guilds this time round pushing into the middle, with the usual contenders doing well! :) But by day 2, SF had given up again like last GBG, so we ended up...
  4. Goremise

    There a reason that a "aid all" button doesn't exist?

    Just wondering why we can't aid all available aid's in one click is all would save on a lot of time :D and people who don't aid as much would aid more too
  5. Goremise

    Will all the people who stay in older ages be moved to harder neighbourhoods?

    Just was wondering this, as some of the people in my hood who were ahead of me (and looked like they had spent, MANY months in that age) went from 30k points to 140k points with the ranking change. Will that mean now they will be put into much harder hoods? Cause there is many people in game...
  6. Goremise

    Neighbourhood reshuffle system seems very flawed.

    When I started playing it was great, was in a neighbourhood of 80+ people and we were all levelling side by side with each other, and some were even pvp'ing which was causing me to play it smart with my defences and attack them back, with a real competition to get our score and research up...